Corned Beef Sandwich

While the JN’s premier columnist, Danny Raskin, is speedily recovering from rib injuries from a fall, we’ll be offering highlights from Danny’s prior columns until his return.

If you’d like to send him greetings, email Danny at or send mail to Danny Raskin c/o The Jewish News, 32255 Northwestern Hwy., Farmington Hills, MI 48334.

Here is one of Danny’s Potpourri columns from Dec. 17, 2009, where he offered random thoughts — starting out with kudos to restaurant owners who successfully weathered the economic recession of 2008-2009. Certainly, many restaurants had to similarly figure out how to survive the COVID-19 pandemic these past two years.

POTPOURRI … Most restaurants honoring an anniversary during these trying economic times may not realize it, but they also send an important message … They are proud of their accomplishment, however large or small the anniversary may be … Somewhat like a boxer willing to take a punch knowing he or she will eventually win the fight … Many tighten their belts and, if need be, lower prices or come up with super specials, etc. 

Name of the game today is staying afloat, making ends meet and keeping a restaurant’s employees working … It isn’t forgotten … Not by the public, their employees or those toiling in businesses that depend so much on restaurants not closing their doors … In the long run, those anniversaries will many times result in numerous additional years of successful continuance.

A BIG WONDERMENT out there is why most delicatessens continue to serve corned beef and pastrami sandwiches piled so high that most folks can only eat a half and either leave the other half or take it home to many times rot … then grumble about paying for something they don’t eat … Jewish delicatessens of yesteryears used to thrive greatly on four- or five-ounce sandwiches, and even today a lot of delis in other cities satisfy millions with their seven-ounce beauties … Deli owners hereabouts should stop bragging about who has the biggest deli sandwiches and offer a big or a regular at popular prices.

They could be overstuffed for people who like the huge-looking ones and have options for those who are satisfied with four or five ounces, priced accordingly … Corned beef and pastrami sandwiches of yesteryears at four or five ounces sure made a lot of people happy … and very well satisfied.

QUESTION & ANSWER DEPT. … “I enjoy walleye but sometimes find it hard to locate. Where can I look for it? … Mariana Sakwa.

[If the menu doesn’t say walleye, try pickerel, a name often given for walleye, which is in the same family … Different names but the same white meat and fine flakes.]

“Is someone who calls themselves a master chef considered the best there is?” … Martin Cahn.

[The words “master chef” are very much misused … Only those who have the graduate title of certified master chef are considered top culinary dogs.]

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