Chef Cari Herskovitz Rosenbloom
Chef Cari Herskovitz offers Contonese-American cuisine at Wok In Cari Out.

From local pizza joints to upscale steakhouses, there’s something for nearly every tastebud when it comes to finding kosher-friendly meals in the area.

Metro Detroit is home to a variety of kosher-certified eateries. From local pizza joints to upscale steakhouses, to even national breakfast chains, there’s something for nearly every tastebud when it comes to finding kosher-friendly meals in the area. With summer in full swing and many restaurants back open for in-person dining (or increased carryout options), these are the establishments worth checking out for the best kosher dining Metro Detroit has to offer.

Jerusalem Pizza

26025 Greenfield Road, Southfield

Jerusalem Pizza has a little bit of everything. On top of their namesake pizza (which includes vegetarian “meat” options), this cozy eatery serves up homemade kosher bagels and, most recently, sushi. Though their indoor dining space has been reduced to make room for a sushi bar, Jerusalem Pizza continues to offer carryout.

More than 29 pizza varieties make up Jerusalem Pizza’s vast pizza menu. Owner Brian Jacobs says the most popular orders are Greek, barbeque “chicken,” Sephardic and Mexican pizzas. While there aren’t any summer dining specials, Jacobs explains that the sushi bar is growing in popularity.

“If you go to New York, every pizza store has sushi,” he says. Sushi was a perfect addition to Jerusalem Pizza, Jacobs says, because the pizza restaurant is next door to an Asian eatery that doesn’t offer sushi. This brings customers to Jerusalem Pizza. Jacobs says the sushi is made-from-scratch, cooked in-house and available in brown rice options.

Jerusalem Pizza’s breadsticks and bagel trays, Jacobs adds, are also some of their biggest hits.

Wok In Cari Out

15600 W 10 Mile Road, Southfield

As a clever play on owner and chef Cari Herskovitz’s name, Cantonese-American carryout restaurant Wok In Cari Out celebrated its third birthday this summer. It’s Herskovitz’s newest project, which offers the area’s first fully kosher menu featuring classic Chinese dishes.

With more than 15 years of cooking experience under her belt, Herskovitz serves up chicken, beef, vegetarian and vegan options, plus traditional soups and appetizers. On top of carryout, Wok In Cari Out also offers curbside pickup and delivery (when available).

“Our sesame chicken is our most popular entree,” Herskovitz describes, “which is crispy battered chicken tossed in our house-made sweet and savory sauce.” Wok In Cari Out’s sticky summer Chinese barbecue rib special ($29.99) is another bestseller this season, she says.

A delicious entree from Chef Cari.
A delicious entree from Chef Cari. Wok In Cari Out/Facebook
Soul Cafe

5586 Drake Road, West Bloomfield

This Friendship Circle project brings a diverse kosher foods option to the West Bloomfield area. Its kosher menu includes gourmet soups, salads, sandwiches, pizzas, pastas and more.

Soul Cafe also gives back to the community by providing creative and vocational opportunities for individuals who have special needs. They teach adults how to prepare food, cook, host and serve.

Friendship Circle director of food operations Shalom Shomer says almost 100% of dishes are made from scratch. “If I had to single out two dishes, I would say our ancient grain salad is a hot seller,” he explains. “It features a combination of savory and sweet and contains healthy ingredients while being gluten-free and vegan.”

Another dish that guests enjoy, Shomer continues, is the cinnamon swirl French toast: “Our cinnamon swirl challah is made by our sister company Dakota Bread Company located in West Bloomfield. It’s dipped into our batter and served with organic maple syrup and fresh berries.”

Also popular, in the summer months in particular, are brewed Starbucks and Chazzano Coffee served over ice, which Shomer says are big hits in the hotter weather. This summer also sees Soul Cafe expanding its patio dining with two greenhouses available for private dining.

Soul Cafe’s Pear Affair salad and Ultimate Vegan sandwich.
Soul Cafe’s Pear Affair salad Soul Cafe/Facebook
Chazzano Coffee Roasters

1737 E. Nine Mile Road, Ferndale

This Ferndale-based kosher coffee shop roasts 27 different specialty coffees every day.

Owner Frank Lanzkron-Tamarazo says bestselling varieties include the chocolate- and almond-flavored Mexico Chiapas, the blueberry- and cherry-infused Ethiopia Harrar (which also has notes of pipe tobacco and a red wine finish), and the pancake mix- and maple syrup-inspired Honduras Royal Reserve.

“Most of our customers purchase our coffee by the pound or half-pound,” Lanzkron-Tamarazo explains. “They order online, at the walkup window or by phone. We also have free local delivery for all orders within a 30-minute range around the cafe.”

Lanzkron-Tamarazo says each cold brew coffee, summer favorites, are brewed fresh daily and bottled in one-liter bottles. Chazzano Cold Brew is also offered by the cup. Yet for those who aren’t coffee drinkers, the shop also offers 15 fresh loose leaf specialty tea varieties from Zen Tea Traders. These are also available by the ounce or cup (hot or iced).

For the summer, Chazzano is serving up the popular Italian dessert Affogato, which includes two scoops of ice cream drowned with two shots of espresso. While it currently isn’t offering indoor dining, Chazzano has an outdoor space for people looking for al fresco dining.

Lanzkron-Tamarazo suggests drinking their coffee black for maximum flavor. “We’re also known for encouraging customers not to put sugar or cream in our fresh-roasted coffee,” he says.

Chazzano Coffee Roasters
Chazzano Coffee Roasters
Prime 10

15600 W, 10 Mile Road, Southfield

Husband-and-wife duo Scott and Nichole Cohen are the creative minds behind Prime 10, a contemporary kosher restaurant serving up steaks, seafood, burgers and wraps.

“All of our steaks are hand-cut domestic cattle and graded-choice or prime,” Nichole Cohen says. Its 12-ounce Prime 10 boneless ribeye served with a soup or salad and a choice of two sides is a fan-
favorite, she explains, along with the restaurant’s homemade mashed potatoes.

Also a signature dish is its chicken marsala, made with two pan-seared chicken breast cutlets in a sherry wine mushroom sauce served over a side of garlic mashed potatoes and topped with sauteed red onions. “This dish has made us a destination location for many communities,” Cohen says.

Aside from steak, Cohen says the restaurant carries a large assortment of fresh salads, fish and vegetarian options to accommodate different tastes and diets. This summer, Prime 10 is offering both indoor and outdoor seating, the latter of which now includes individual greenhouse seating.

“Our indoor seating is in private curtained sections so you have your own privacy,” Cohen says. “It’s very romantic.” Throughout the summer months, Prime 10 will also host their Prime on the Patio jazz and live music series. The patio can also accommodate large parties of more than 60 people, making it a top choice for kosher-friendly birthday parties, graduations and more. 

Prime 10 offers outdoor dining.
Prime 10 offers outdoor dining.

More to Enjoy!

Rounding out Metro Detroit’s kosher dining options are bagel shops and build-your-own sandwich joints, among others. Plus, all Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins locations have certified-kosher options. In addition to the popular chains, here are other local kosher eateries to check out:


25270 Greenfield Road, Oak Park

Featuring kosher deli fare, burgers, build-your-own salads and sushi, Oak Park’s Kravings restaurant has something for the whole family. An expansive menu includes poke bowls, barbecue beef hot dogs, house-made corned beef and garlic bread, for starters.

Kravings Kravings/Facebook
Spreads Bagels & Cafe

15600 W. 10 Mile Road Unit 9, Southfield

Nestled inside Southfield’s New Orleans Mall, Spreads Bagels & Cafe has many different flavors of kosher bagels. Plus, it serves up creative bagel sandwiches that include classics like bagel and lox, bagel with scrambled eggs and bagel with tuna spread. It also bakes traditional Jewish sweets like rugelach, heimishe kokosh, and apple and cherry turnovers.

Spreads Bagels & Cafe
Spreads Bagels & Cafe Spreads Bagels & Cafe/Facebook
Rita’s of Farmington Hills

25836 Middlebelt Road, Farmington Hills

As Metro Detroit’s newest kosher-certified eatery, Rita’s of Farmington Hills is the perfect destination for those with a sweet tooth looking for kosher-friendly desserts. From Italian ice to frozen custard, to frozen slushies and milkshakes, Rita’s offers dozens of flavor combinations plus take-home options like frozen custard cakes. It also serves up gelati, a fan-favorite, which has layers of Italian ice and decadent custard, according to its website.

Dave’s Gourmet

15280 Lincoln St., Oak Park

Dave’s Gourmet is known for its grilled specialties. The Oak Park restaurant’s certified kosher beef burgers are grilled to order and paired with your choice of toppings and a side of coleslaw. It also has grilled chicken sandwiches, five types of hot dogs (including chili and crispy), and wings and poppers that can be tossed in honey barbecue, honey garlic or General Tso’s sauce. 

Dave’s Gourmet
Dave’s Gourmet Dave’s Gourmet/Facebook
Pizza Stop (Inside The Grove)

25155 Greenfield Road, Southfield

If you haven’t been inside the former One Stop Kosher since it became The Grove, you’ll find the look of the store has changed to a more upscale feel. But it still has the same great pizza, bakery and other grab-and-go kosher items — great for nights when you don’t feel like cooking. 

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