Tishrei 5782: Shmita: Time to rest, renew, release and replenish

The New Year of 5782 is a Shmita year – the seventh year of the Shmita cycle, during which the “reset button” is pushed for land, animals, and people. The Hebrew numerical letters for 5782 are Taf Shin Pey Bet. The letter Bet is the first letter of the Torah, symbolizing a house (bayit). Our sages tell us the world was created using the letter Bet. As we apply Shmita’s concepts of rest, release, renewal, and replenishment to our lives, the Bet reminds us that it’s time to get our house in order and care for all of creation!

The New Year begins on Erev Rosh HaShanah’s New Moon in Virgo, with Sun trine Uranus/Oron, Venus/Noga trine Jupiter/Tzedek, Mars / Ma’adim trine Pluto, and Mars inconjunct Jupiter. Balance is the key to health. Harmonious individuality shines brightest when uniqueness serves the greater good. Direct the convergence of tremendous spiritual power and robust physical energy into productive paths. The Full Pisces Moon on Erev Sukkot with Mercury/Kochav trine Jupiter enlarges empathy, diplomacy, mercy, and forgiveness.

Rest from the impetus to use words as weapons when Tekufah Tishrei / the Autumnal Equinox, arrives September 22, with Mercury square Pluto. Renew relationship commitments during Mercury’s retrograde in Libra, beginning September 27.  Release jealousy and possessiveness September 23 at the opposition of Venus to Uranus; replenish intimate understandings September 29 – 30 when Venus trines Neptune and squares Jupiter. Release attachment to the outcome of allowing your vulnerability to be exposed; wounds heal with warm words and powerful intimate connections October 1-3, with Mars and the Sun opposite Chiron and Mercury retrograde square Pluto and Jupiter.

Wishing everyone a Shana Tova u’Metuka, may we all be inscribed in the Book of Life for a sweet and happy Shmita year of rest, release, renewal, and replenishment.


Renew your commitment to your health and well-being with a powerful intention Erev Rosh HaShanah with the trine of Mars / Ma’adim to Pluto. Release yourself from the burden of compulsory leadership when Mars enters Venus / Noga – ruled Libra September 14.  The need to be “Number 1” is exhausting. Take a rest from going it alone! Replenish your emotional and physical energy by connecting with nature when Mars trines Saturn / Shabbtai September 25.  Choose the safest way to share your vulnerability October 1 when Mars opposes “wounded healer” Chiron. Even heroes bleed: you need empathy, not escalation.


With planetary ruler Venus / Noga in solar opposite Scorpio from September 10, your partnership skills shine the brightest when you feel secure within yourself. Giving freedom to others inspires loyalty; the more you can release your fears about losing what you value, the less likely you are to lose what is precious to you. Abrupt surprises and shocking turnarounds in intimate relationships September 23 with Venus opposite Uranus / Oron. Replenish your creativity and renew your dreams September 29-30 when Venus trines Neptune/Rahav and squares Jupiter/Tzedek. Rest from needing to control outcomes far above your cosmic pay grade.


Your communication challenges this month center around romantic and creative endeavors. Great risk can yield great reward September 8 at the opposition of Mercury/Kochav to “wounded healer” Chiron if you’re vulnerable and transparent. Public recognition and career upgrades come by Erev Sukkot with the Full Pisces Moon and Mercury trine Jupiter / Tzedek. Release resentments without wounding the other at Mercury’s square to Pluto on Tekufah Tishrei, the Autumnal Equinox. Mercury retrograde in Libra from September 27 allows you to review and renew the terms and conditions of partnerships. Rest from power struggles and replenish your depleted spiritual power.


Virgo New Moon on Erev Rosh HaShanah reveals what needs to be removed to facilitate new, healthy growth. Replenish what brings you balance and equanimity at the First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius September 13. Spiritual renewal comes at the Full Pisces Moon Erev Sukkot, with Mercury / Kochav trine Jupiter / Tzedek enhancing intimacy with the Divine. Release those last bits of resentment at the Last Quarter Moon in Cancer September 28. Grab the Bet of 5782 / Taf Shin Pei Bet and find true rest in the place you call “home” – that foundation of security which dwells within.


If you’ve felt cloudy around personal boundaries, Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune / Rahav in Pisces September 14 renews discernment between what is yours alone and what you share with others. Sun trine Saturn / Shabbtai September 29 replenishes your communicative energies, which have felt depleted by the effort to fight disinformation. Heavy is the head that wears the crown! Take a rest from having to prove how right you are to everyone. Release ego attachments to status or power October 3 with Sun opposite “wounded healer” Chiron. Allowing yourself to receive without obligation to reciprocate sparks humble gratitude.


Erev Rosh HaShanah 5782 / Taf Shin Pei Bet begins with a mighty New Moon in Virgo and a triple trine of Sun to Uranus/Oron, Venus/Noga to Jupiter/Tzedek and Mar /Ma’adim to Pluto. Your sharp vision and discerning eye can now be turned within to face your inner critic, your own worst enemy. The “Bet” of 5782 is a clue to remember how deeply you are unconditionally loved. Rest from ceaseless self-critiquing. Release yourself from punishing perfectionism. Renew good health habits you’ve let fall by the wayside; replenish your soul with the wholesome, nutritious spiritual food it longs for.


Chodesh Tishrei belongs to Libra, but because of where we’re at in the 19-year Metonic Cycle, Tekufah Tishrei / the Autumnal Equinox doesn’t happen until 16 Tishrei / September 22, making most of this month feel like an extension of Elul to you. Mercury’s retrograde in Libra, beginning September 27, adds to this by rewinding back to Rosh HaShanah by the end of Sukkot. Confused yet? You’ll be a time-traveler during the Chaggim, seeking release from no longer relevant obligations, renewing only those connections which replenish the spiritual as well as the social. Rest from needing to please everyone.


5782 begins with a powerful trine between Mars/Ma’adim and Pluto on Erev Rosh HaShanah, replenishing your personal charisma. You have so much vital energy; direct it into acts of service for others. Renew important relationships which have fallen fallow due to neglect; release guilt around not having the bandwidth to be all things to all people. Mars in Libra from September 14 and Mercury/Kochav squares Pluto at Tekufah Tishrei, the Autumnal Equinox; though all is fair in love and war, when moved by desire, fairness is the least of your priorities. Rest from pursuit: let love come to you.


Though you’re not necessarily looking for a new gig, Venus/Noga trine Jupiter/Tzedek on Erev Rosh HaShanah with New Moon in Virgo renews public attention and attracts stunning opportunities. Replenish time for personal freedom at the First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius September 13 as a condition of any employment. Mercury/Kochav trine Jupiter at the Full Pisces Moon on Erev Sukkot releases great insight and compassion; the Mercury retrograde version of this aspect October 3 with Sun opposite “wounded healer” Chiron reveals what’s impeding your normally robust self-confidence. Rest from chronic restlessness September 30 at the square of Venus to Jupiter.


Replenish personal resources when Venus/Noga squares Saturn/Shabbtai September 17. Release the need to control all the moving parts in your complicated world; trust your own Divine connection to guide your prodigious energies when Mars/Ma’adim trines Saturn September 25. Rest from chasing the ever-elusive achievement dragon! It’s time to redirect all that ambition into creating value-driven social structures and useful, productive relationships. Renew the spiritual source of your strength at the trine of the Sun to Saturn September 29. Many depend on your stability and look to you for security now. You’re being watched and imitated; set a good example.


5782 kicks off with a powerful trine of the Sun to Uranus/Oron Erev Rosh HaShanah; renewing your commitment to a radical remake of your personal life. Though you think of yourself as detached and impartial, you’re surprised at your astonishing level of desire when Venus/Noga opposes Uranus September 23. Take concrete steps to replenish attention paid to your most crucial relationships: don’t take them for granted!  Release anxiety as you see your efforts rewarded when Sun trines Saturn/Shabbtai September 29. Take a rest from needing to be the smartest person in the room. It’s wise to let others shine!


The opposition of the Sun to Neptune/Rahav September 14 reveals how much denial you’ve needed to survive tough times. Release judgement around your own vulnerability; the Full Moon in Pisces Erev Sukkot with Mercury/Kochav trine Jupiter/Tzedek empowers you to extend empathy to yourself as you do for others. Rest from anxious insecurities and amorphous fears. Replenish your knowledge base and brush up on the skill sets you depend on for a living; the sharper your professional abilities, the more secure you feel. Venus/Noga trine Neptune and square Jupiter September 29-30 is prime time for exploiting your own creative genius!


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