Sukkot Sounds
(The Well)

There are many ways to participate in Sukkot Sounds.

You don’t need a sukkah to celebrate the festival of Sukkot this year, just ask The Well. 

Sukkot Sounds (powered by The Well) is a grassroots initiative to pair local musical artists and educators with hosts to co-create gatherings that enrich, diversify and revitalize the ancient Jewish cultural celebration of Sukkot.

There are many ways to participate in Sukkot Sounds. 

People can host or attend a backyard concert featuring one of Sukkot Sounds’` registered musical artists, a backyard or in-home gathering with Sukkot-inspired content, a Sukkot-themed meditation or guided discussion, drum circle, folk dancing lesson, Lulav-making, or any Sukkot-inspired experience one can think of.

People can also host or attend a virtual gathering and celebrate Sukkot with friends near and far.

Marisa Meyerson, director of operations at The Well, says Sukkot Sounds is an idea The Well’s Executive Director Rabbi Jeff Stombaugh has had for a while.

“The Well has always been about coming up with ways to bring mainstream, fun things that are happening right now and finding a way to make them Jewish,” Meyerson said. “Sukkot is about high-energy community gatherings, and another place we see that same sort of vibe is at a music festival. Something we’ve missed especially during COVID is live music, so it sort of seems like a natural progression of how we can reinvent Sukkot.”

Sukkot Sounds is developing a directory of registered artists and educators that will continue to grow on the website leading up to the holiday.

Individuals and organizations looking to host gatherings for Sukkot can reach out to registered Sukkot Sounds artists and educators directly and inquire about them being a part of their gathering once they are bookable on the website.

To Meyerson, missions of The Well, Sukkot Sounds and the holiday it celebrates align perfectly. 

“One of the taglines of Sukkot is actually about reinventing ritual and inspiring authentic connection, and that’s really what The Well is all about,” Meyerson said. “We want to offer something fresh, exciting and relevant that gives young adults an opportunity to connect with a holiday they may not have connected with before or can connect with in a new and different way.”  

Submissions to host an event or to join the team of registered artists are now available at, along with further details. For further questions, reach out to

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