Kislev 5782: Shining the light of truth on an unjust world.

Chodesh Kislev isn’t shy about initiating change, and Kislev’s Tribal leader Benyamin wasn’t shy about expressing outrage over injustice. This month begins a process which will continue into the coming solar year, during which change is driven by a communal sense of shared injustice. Venus / Noga enters Capricorn and Mercury / Kochav enters Scorpio on the first day of Rosh Chodesh Kislev, November 5. Venus remains in Capricorn (including a retrograde period beginning mid-December) until early March of 2022. This important transit reflects significant global economic changes, especially in the United States.

Mars / Ma’adim and Mercury / Kochav square Saturn / Shabbtai November 10. Confidential communications become public; those entrusted with the public good are caught with their pants down. Tensions rise when Mars opposes Uranus / Oron November 17, right before the Full Moon in Taurus / Partial Lunar Eclipse with Venus trine Uranus November 19. Shocking surprises and surprising revelations from leaders’ level the playing field; when the people realize they have the power, real change is possible.

The Sun and Mercury finally enter Sagittarius November 21 and 24, and conjunct one another Erev Chanukah, November 28. The light of Chanukah which reveals the truth shines healing compassion on our vulnerabilities November 29 with Mercury trine “wounded healer” Chiron and Mars trine Neptune / Rahav. Neptune stations direct December 1, asking us to reconsider our dreams. Pick the most viable ones to nurture, and let the rest go.

Kislev’s Tribal leader Benyamin models approaching the uncertainty of change. Yacov prophesied: “Benjamin is a ravening wolf: In the morning he shall devour the prey, and at evening he shall divide the spoil.” Identify your resources by Kislev’s light of truth and fiercely secure them, so you may justly and fairly share with others from your own abundance.


This Kislev you feel compelled to act in defense of your own personal freedom. Mars / Ma’adim squares Saturn / Shabbtai and conjuncts Mercury / Kochav November 10. Is the constriction you feel real or simply a projection of your unexpressed need for independence? Honesty as modeled by Tribal ruler Yehuda is the byproduct of enlightenment. When you’ve realized the truth, nothing can stop you from declaring it, especially when Mars opposes Uranus / Oron November 13. Inner conflict eases and equanimity restored after Sun enters Sagittarius November 21; Mars trine Neptune / Rahav November 29 empowers your dreams.


Attention Venus / Noga – ruled Taurus! Venus enter Capricorn November 5, the first day of Rosh Chodesh Kislev, and remains in Capricorn (including a retrograde period beginning mid-December) until early March of 2022! Some things likely to be important to you during this period include upgrading your education, testing the structure and stability of your spiritual belief system, and initiating a quest for personal freedom. The light of Kislev shines brightest for you when Venus trine Uranus / Oron November 19 with Full Moon in Taurus during the Partial Lunar Eclipse. Ask for Divine Revelations and expect an answer.


The quality of your health via your mind-body connection is in sharp focus when Mercury / Kochav enters Scorpio November 5, the first day of Rosh Chodesh Kislev. Clap back against external pressures and unfair responsibilities when Mercury squares Saturn / Shabbtai and conjuncts Mars / Ma’adim November 10. When your equilibrium is threatened, take a clue from Tribal leader Zevulon’s maritime maneuvers to throw a pursuer off track. Initiate sudden, abrupt, and surprising changes November 13 when Mercury opposes Uranus / Oron. Creative solutions appear November 18-20 with Mercury trine Neptune / Rahav and square Jupiter / Tzedek.


Dream of romantic love by the light of Chodesh Kislev. Someone from the “friend zone” twinkles at you November 11 at the First Quarter Moon in Aquarius. The Full Moon in Taurus / Partial Lunar Eclipse November 19, with Venus / Noga trine Uranus / Oron reveals the heart of the matter lies in valuing the unique, unusual, and individual qualities of each person. Everyone is truly special in their own way; choosing someone to love is an affirmation of your deepest needs and highest values: discern and define those at the Last Quarter Moon in Virgo November 27.


The light of Kislev brings out the protective in you, as you deeply value those for whom you are responsible when the Sun trines Neptune / Rahav November 12. As Tribal leader Shimon submitted to being held ransom for his brother Benyamin, you submit to the role of protector. Find the happy medium and avoid extremes when the Sun squares Jupiter / Tzedek November 15. Truth is illuminated when the Sun conjuncts Mercury November 28; tell that truth with gentle strength and compassion November 30 with the Sun’s sextile to Saturn / Shabbtai and trine to “wounded healer” Chiron.


Planetary ruler Mercury / Kochav enters Scorpio November 5, the first day of Rosh Chodesh Kislev. You’re discontent with superficial trivialities, and seek a deeper, more meaningful connection. Confrontations over personal space and boundaries November 10-13 with Mercury square Saturn / Shabbtai, conjunct Mars / Ma’adim and opposite Uranus / Oron. Your immediate environment suddenly seems confining, and you dream of flight November 18 with Mercury trine Neptune / Rahav. Freedom is your rallying cry when Mercury enter Sagittarius November 24. Elucidate your non-negotiables at Last Quarter Moon in Virgo November 27. Carefully choose your priorities, emphasizing emotional sustainability.


Venus / Noga enter Capricorn November 5, the first day of Rosh Chodesh Kislev, and remains in Capricorn (including a retrograde period beginning mid-December) until early March of 2022! The light of Chodesh Kislev illuminates everything going on with your home and family. Venus square “wounded healer” Chiron November 15, exposing vulnerabilities around how you learned love manifests itself in everyday life from your family of origin and how love plays out for you in partnership situations. A great breakthrough is possible when Venus trines Uranus / Oron November 19 with Full Moon in Taurus / Partial Lunar Eclipse.


The light of Kislev spotlights what you truly value. Draw the line in the sand November 10-13 when Mars / Ma’adim squares Saturn / Shabbtai November 10 and opposes Uranus / Oron; clearly communicate your non-negotiables and don’t budge. The Full Moon in Taurus / Partial Lunar Eclipse November 19 is a relationship Xray, contrasting what’s healthy and what’s toxic in your most significant connections.  Find inspiration to rise above the small stuff when Mars trines Neptune / Rahav November 29. Mercury in Scorpio through November 24 is a license to dive deep into the heart of the matter.


Kislev is your special month, but this year it’s heavily Mars / Ma’adim-influenced, as the Sun doesn’t enter solar Sagittarius until November 21. Use that assertive energy as a chaser to your big mug full of Jupiter / Tzedek, and drink the elixir of success. Reconcile deep feelings with high ideals when Sun squares Jupiter November 15; communicating that process at the square of Mercury to Jupiter November 20 and you’ll have a deeply compelling, illuminating, and inspiring story to share with others. Shoot your great ideas like arrows from a taut quiver when Mercury enters Sagittarius November 24.


Tribal leader Dan’s defenses against foreign intrusion at Israel’s borders is your model when Mars / Ma’adim and Mercury / Kochav square Saturn / Shabbtai November 10. As the snake bites the hoof of the horse, throwing the rider, so should you attack the legs upon which whatever is intruding on your serenity stands. The source of this perceived aggression may be unresolved feelings of wounded vulnerability; try to repair that which can be fixed with compassion and understanding when Saturn sextiles Chiron November 26.  A kinder, gentler approach pays off when Sun and Mercury sextile Saturn November 30.


Internal pressures have external consequences for business and career when Mercury / Kochav and Mars / Ma’adim square Saturn / Shabbtai at the First Quarter Moon in Aquarius November 10-11. If you feel you’re being controlled by others, especially at work, you’re tempted to pick up your toys and go home November 13-17 with Mercury and Mars opposite Uranus / Oron, but is that really the best thing for your long-term interests? Find a creative workaround that’s a win/win for everybody’s ego when Venus / Noga trines Uranus at Full Moon in Taurus / Partial Lunar Eclipse November 19.


Jupiter / Tzedek – ruled Chodesh Kislev is the month of dreams, and Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, so you’re in for a dreamy month of sweet, supportive trines to your modern planetary ruler Neptune / Rahav – first from the Sun November 12, then Mercury / Kochav November 18, and finally Mars / Ma’adim November 29. It’s a great month for public displays of affection and private promises of support. Neptune stations direct December 1. Dream-come-true career opportunities appear “out of nowhere” which are, in reality, the fruit of seeds you planted long ago. Networking always pays off!

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