A basket of taco jalapeno jack bagels.
A basket of taco jalapeno jack bagels. (Mannie’s Bagels)

Mannie’s Bagel and Delicatessen offers traditional bagels — like salt, onion and chocolate chip — but the Jewish-owned business is hailed throughout Lake Orion and beyond for their top-shelf bagel flavors.

Growing up in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Anne Goldberg lived right down the street from Katz’ Delicatessen, where Jewish foods and culture have thrived since 1888.

“I started eating knishes at a very young age,” says the owner and founder of Lake Orion’s Mannie’s Bagel and Delicatessen, which is now celebrating its 18th year serving up creative bagels, sandwiches and specialty drinks. “Jewish food is delicious and very home-cooked.”

Anne Goldberg.
Anne Goldberg Mannie’s Bagels

As a first-generation American and daughter of two immigrants, with her mother from Russia and her father from Poland, Goldberg has long been inspired by her family’s journey and the Jewish and Eastern European worlds she was surrounded with. Through her youth, she was taught the importance of home-cooked meals and carrying on both traditions and recipes.

While classic Jewish dishes like gefilte fish and chicken soup were a staple in Goldberg’s household as a child, she remembers, above all, one food always being present at dinner. “As far as I can tell you, deli bread was always on the table,” she says. “That’s a European thing.”

Pivoting and Opening a Business

Yet Goldberg never dreamed of one day making her own deli bread — let alone owning and operating a successful bagel shop that’s been hailed as one of the best in the area by various newspapers — until the age of 44, when she decided to venture into the small business world.

In the years prior, Goldberg mostly stayed home to take care of her children, but as they grew older and more independent, opening a business became an option for the Bloomfield Township resident.

With her father having worked at a bagel factory upon moving to Detroit from New York City in the early 1990s, and Goldberg having worked at the factory herself doing payroll and bookkeeping, the art of making bagels had steadily become a part of her everyday life.

In 2004, when the time was right, Goldberg decided to move forward with her plan to open a bagel store that would serve not only bagels, but a huge variety of deli and breakfast sandwiches, including Brooklyn Reubens, Dinty Moores and, of course, traditional lox creations.

“I started getting serious about it, but I didn’t want to be in that part of town,” she says, referring to the area of Southfield, West Bloomfield and Oak Park where many Jewish-owned food businesses are located. “It was way too saturated over there. We needed to go further north.”

Mannie’s Bagels
Mannie’s Bagels
Making a Home in the Community

Calling around, Goldberg found a space for sale in Lake Orion. But the owner, who believed Goldberg could find something better, directed her to another spot for sale — and she bought it.

“Here I am in my 18th year,” Goldberg jokes. Yet fitting into the tight-knit Lake Orion community wasn’t easy. “We were told by many people that you will not survive,” she continues. But to Goldberg’s surprise, the community made Mannie’s Bagels and Delicatessen one of its own. Now, the shop is a local culinary staple that continues to feed residents and visitors alike.

“I know everybody’s name,” Goldberg laughs. “I know their grandkids. That’s the type of community it is.”

Working with her daughters Amy and Rebecca, Goldberg runs Mannie’s Bagel and Delicatessen as a family business. Amy, who serves as head baker and whips up more than 10 homemade cream cheese flavors (including strawberry, jalapeno and cinnamon-honey), handles the backbone of the shop, while Rebecca oversees menus, graphic design and social media.

Mannie’s Bagel and Delicatessen offers traditional bagels — like salt, onion and chocolate chip — but the Jewish-owned business is hailed throughout Lake Orion and beyond for their top-shelf bagel flavors.

“We have an Asiago bagel that no one else makes like us,” Goldberg says. “We have an onion Swiss melt and one of the most original [bagels] is the taco jalapeno jack.”

Goldberg’s top-selling sandwich, meanwhile, is the #6 Jewish Cheeseburger, a classic open-faced bagel topped with cream cheese, smoked Nova lox, tomato, onion and capers.

Around Lake Orion, Goldberg says locals call Mannie’s Bagel and Delicatessen a “pillar of the community.” “Advertising is very low for me,” she explains. “We get more people coming in by word-of-mouth.”

Yet in her 18th year of business, Goldberg continues to be pleasantly surprised by the path she took and how seamlessly Mannie’s Bagels and Delicatessen integrated itself into the Lake Orion community.

“Did I ever think I would own a bagel shop? Never,” she says. “It’s a good business.” 

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