Chanukah Bobble Heads
Chanukah Bobble Heads

A grab bag of gift ideas.

With eight crazy nights to prepare for, perhaps you need to pick up one or two more things for the people on your Chanukah list. Here we share some fun ideas for your holiday shopping.

Good Clean Fun

Do you want to make bath time more fun for your little ones? Consider Dabble & Dollop’s mixable bath products, which are made in the USA, safe for all ages, including babies/infants, and feature clean ingredients.

“Dabble & Dollop is the only mixable children’s bath brand — we allow children a safe opportunity to mix scents and textures together to create their own unique concoctions,” explains brand Founder & CEO Stephanie Leshney.

Dabble & Dollop is offering a Hanukkah Box: Celebrate Chanukah with the traditional colors of the holiday, blue and white, plus yellow — symbolizing the flames of the menorah candles. Nearly 30 oz. of 3-in-1 shampoo, bubble bath and body wash packaged in a “gift ready” Dabble & Dollop Deco box. Mix the blueberry and lemon gels with the vanilla whip gel to create seven unique scent and texture combinations. Available through Dec. 18. $42.

Dabble & Dollop’s mixable bath products

DIY Reuben Kit

The Zingerman’s Reuben Kit is the quintessential gift for anyone with a soft spot for authentic deli fare, top-shelf ingredients and indulgent Saturday lunches. Some assembly is required but considering it has been known to make grown men weep in appreciation, it might be worth it. $150 and up.

Zingerman's Reuben Sandwich Kit

Chanukah Bobble Heads

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum this year unveiled its first Bobble Menorah and Bobble Dreidel. The Bobble Menorah features nine bobbling flames and comes in three color patterns. One version has blue candles, another has blue and white candles and a third has a multicolor assortment of candles. The Bobble Dreidel is on a gelt-shaped base with each side inscribed with the Dreidel’s Hebrew letters —Nun, Gimel, Hey and Shin — in a different color. The limited-edition bobbles were produced by the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum. The bobbles, which will ship out to customers the third week of November, are $25 each plus a flat-rate shipping charge of $8 per order.

Holiday Cards to Fight Hunger

Forgotten Harvest has released its 2021 festive holiday card collection, sponsored by Tom and Carol Cracchiolo. Forgotten Harvest holiday card sales aim to fight food insecurity in Metro Detroit, which the organization has seen a 50 percent increase in throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The holiday cards work to fight hunger by providing $175 worth of groceries per card pack. In 2020, card sales helped the organization provide more than 151,612 meals to people facing food insecurity in Metro Detroit.

This year, Forgotten Harvest offers 12 different card options to choose from, including seven new designs. Cards include Circles of Snow, Let It Snow, Menorah, Michigan Love, Orange Tree, Candy Canes, Evergreen Branches, Hanukkah, Happy Healthy Christmas, Old Fashioned Truck, Geometric Trees and Winter Wonderland. There is also an option to write a personalized message of up to 150 characters.

Holiday cards and accompanying envelopes are available in packs of 25 for a donation of $25 per pack. Special tribute cards are also available for a donation of $5 each, which can be inserted into a holiday card as a wonderful gift. Holiday card packages and tribute cards are available online on Forgotten Harvest’s website at

Holiday Cards

Compiled by Jackie Headapohl, Director of Editorial

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