Students at LTU enjoy some downtime with dogs.
Students at LTU enjoy some downtime with dogs. (Courtesy Wayne State)

Hillel of Metro Detroit helps sponsor Pet a Puppy at Lawrence Technological University.

Lawrence Technological University’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion teamed up with Hillel of Metro Detroit’s Jewish students on campus to bring emotional support dogs to the Atrium on Wednesday, Oct. 26.

The program, Pet a Puppy, was designed to cultivate LTU students’ sense of belonging and engagement on campus. As a student during COVID, it made sense to create a program that was comforting and that everyone could enjoy. 

Although I have been lucky to have most of my classes in-person, some of my peers have not been so lucky. In times of high stress, the key is to do something calming or enjoyable — and petting dogs is on that list. 

For many people, including myself, virtual learning is mentally draining. So, when 150 students showed up to pet the dogs, it made sense (and also, who doesn’t love to pet a puppy?).

The dogs, including four golden retrievers and one Bernese mountain dog, arrived with staff from the Mid-Michigan Therapy Dogs. These special dogs are trained to give affection and comfort to anyone in need. 

It seemed like everyone loved their time together, including the dogs! It was really nice to see so many diverse students participate and further our connections with each other.

I’m happy to say that this won’t be the only great event that Hillel is planning for LTU. We are having a Shabbat dinner and Channukah event on campus later this month.

Tyler Shanbom is a freshman at Lawrence Technological University. Tyler is also enrolled in Hillel of Metro Detroit’s J-Talk program, a Jewish learning series led by Hillel of Metro Detroit’s Rabbi/Educator Michele Faudem.

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