Jason Raznick shares insights with NEXTGen Detroiters.
Jason Raznick shares insights with NEXTGen Detroiters. (NEXTGen Detroit)

Insights from “start-up junkie” Jason Raznick of Benzinga.

Dozens of people gathered in Detroit for the relaunch of NEXTWork, NEXTGen Detroit and JVS’ professional development and networking series for young Jewish Detroiters. 

The program kicked off with Jason Raznick, co-founder and CEO of Benzinga. He built the company 12 years ago during the Great Recession and, after a recent nine-figure acquisition, he’s calling this new chapter Benzinga’s “second inning.” 

The event was hosted by NEXTGen Detroit of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit and was held at Benzinga’s space in the Compuware World Headquarters Building on Feb. 16. 

Raznick told attendees about the lessons he’s learned as a self-proclaimed “start-up junkie” that can be applied to anyone’s professional journey. During the event, people networked and shared drinks with fellow young Jewish professionals. 

NEXTGen Detroiters schmooze before the program began.
NEXTGen Detroiters schmooze before the program began. NEXTGen Detroit

“It’s exciting to see the Jewish community so vibrant here in Downtown Detroit,” Raznick told the JN. “I think they all have drive and want to build a better Detroit for tomorrow — and I think that’s exciting.” 

During the event, people were able to ask Raznick for professional advice. “There’s support out there; whatever they’re trying to do, the Detroit community is supportive, and you’re never alone,” he said. “And there’s always a way to get things done. Just be persistent and don’t give up.” 

For information about NEXTGen Detroit and future events, go to jewishdetroit.org/get-involved/nextgen. To contact Raznick, email Jason@benzinga.com or follow him on twitter

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