Sari Diskin
Sari Diskin. (VPG Photography)

Sari Diskin also shares content about fitness, mental health and her journey as a new mom.

In April 2017, wellness blogger and influencer Sari Diskin moved from her home of Toronto, Canada, to Metro Detroit. She was marrying her husband, Jacob Diskin, with whom she’d kept a long-distance relationship since meeting at a Jewish summer camp.

At the time, Sari Diskin, now the founder and owner of Eat Well With Sari, was working in marketing and advertising. It was the career she had studied for; but despite giving it an honest try, it didn’t feel fulfilling.

“I ended up in a role that was really not serving me,” she recalls. “To feed into my passion and things that I love, I started a food and wellness blog on the side.”

A lifelong fan of cooking, Diskin grew up eating diverse (and delicious) home-cooked meals that her mother would create. Roasted red pepper pasta with pine nuts, potatoes with brisket, matzah ball soup and chicken cutlets were regular rotations on the menu.

“Everything was so delicious,” Diskin says of her mother’s cooking. “She always made it a priority to bring the family together around the table after school, and that’s something that’s always held with me over the years.”

Diskin, 32, of Beverly Hills began to create her own health-focused recipes. Like her mother, she enjoyed sharing them with others, and started to document her creations with explanations and photos. Eventually, she chose to make it her career.

“I pursued a health coach certification and took a part-time job,” she says of changing career paths. “I decided I would try to find a career in the blogging realm as my marketing career and advertising role just wasn’t for me anymore.”

Sari’s blog includes advice on healthy eating.
Sari’s blog includes advice on healthy eating.
Building a Community

After a year of building up a new blog, her brand gained traction. “There weren’t many people sharing a lot of healthy recipes and healthy places around Metro Detroit to eat at the time, which was my focus,” Diskin says. 

Originally launched as Eat Well Detroit, Sari’s blog had one main goal: to build community around the healthy eating scene.

Using her marketing and advertising skills, Diskin took what she already knew about creating brands and applied it to her own endeavor. She learned how to monetize her blog and turn it into a full-time career. Now with more than 45,000 followers, Eat Well Detroit has evolved into Eat Well With Sari, a transition she says was intentional. 

“Now it is much more of a lifestyle and overall wellness page,” Diskin says of her brand. “It’s very focused on food, freedom and balance. That is just where my values live.”

In the past, Diskin says she obsessed over healthy eating, a mindset that, despite its health-focused outcome, wasn’t actually healthy. Instead, she made mental health a priority and worked hard to avoid falling into social media traps, which can put too much focus on diet and not enough focus on feeling healthy inside and out.

Sari Diskin and her son Miles.
Sari Diskin and her son Miles.
Honest Motherhood

Today, Diskin shares a balance of healthy food options mixed in with traditional comfort food. She also shares content about fitness, mental health and her journey as a new mom. In September 2021, Diskin became a mother to her son, Miles.

Through a process she calls “honest motherhood,” Diskin began to share her personal life with her followers, rather than just food. “I started talking to the camera,” she explains, “which was definitely a learning curve. People really enjoyed connecting with someone behind the camera.”

Putting herself at the forefront of her brand — and parenthood — Diskin tells the ups and downs of being a new mom. 

“I’m so happy being a mom, but it’s very hard,” she says of motherhood. “Social media glamorizes the whole process, and moms are always taught to be strong and have it all together, but nobody does in reality.”

Instead, Diskin tells it like it is. Now working with a management company and partnering with a variety of brands, including baby brands as of recently, she believes her business is evolving alongside her as she moves through different stages of life.

“I’m very grateful that I get to do this because I’m really just creating my own path in this industry and in this area,” she says. “I’m taking it day by day.” 

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