Larry and Janis Shulman
Larry and Janis Shulman

Janis Shulman began dedicating her time with JARC 16 years ago and currently sits on the board of directors as one of its vice presidents.

Michigan-based nonprofit JARC nominated Janis Shulman of Farmington Hills to be our next Volunteer of the Week for her dedication and involvement with the organization over the years. The nonprofit serves people with developmental disabilities via group homes, independent living support and in-home respite care.

“Janis Shulman has been involved with JARC for many, many years,” said Jenny Kabert, director of philanthropy at JARC. “She is a board member, volunteer, chairs multiple committees and is happy to help however needed. She is very generous with JARC and has multiple funds to help the people we serve and our staff.”

Shulman began dedicating her time with JARC 16 years ago and currently sits on the board of directors as one of its vice presidents. 

Shulman says JARC has become part of her whole family’s life throughout the years.

“My kids were introduced to JARC at a young age,” explained Shulman, who stopped working as a social worker in 1983 to raise a family with her husband, Larry Shulman. While she wasn’t working full time, her passion to help others didn’t go away. She says with her extra time she started volunteering for various organizations. “I had been involved with ORT (a global Jewish educational network). Since my kids started school, I was also involved in volunteering in the classrooms.”

Larry, who used to be on the board of JARC, introduced the family to the organization, and it was history from there. 

“We went to a Shabbat dinner at one of the homes, a home that provides services for men, and our kids had an incredible opportunity to interact with these men and got to learn so much about the organization.” 

Shulman says she wasn’t super-involved with JARC until her youngest son, Michael, who was a senior at the time, asked her what she was going to do once he headed off to college. He suggested that she should reach out to JARC.

“I didn’t even wait till he graduated. Right away, I started in the development department where they do fundraising and outreach, and it was a perfect fit for me,” she said. 

Shulman started volunteering frequently at the organization’s office doing general mailings, making calls, leading volunteers and chairing multiple fundraisers. 

Since 2008, Shulman has been on the board of the directors and served on the executive committee for many years. Shulman says she started out as treasurer and later became the vice president and continues to hold that position. 

“I’m involved in five committees, and I co-chair two of them. It’s been a really nice experience.”

Shulman serves on JARC’s Culture and in Engagement Committee, which is focused on giving back to the staff.

“Our hope is to show the staff how much we care because the staff is everything. Without them, there would be no JARC. There would be nobody to take care of this incredible group of people who need care.” 

JARC CEO Shaindle Braunstein added that the nonprofit is thankful to have Shulman around.  

“Janis is the epitome of total selflessness and has an overwhelming desire to help others.” Braunstein said. “We are beyond blessed to have her as a part of the JARC family.”

Shulman says she loves being part of the JARC organization and enjoys taking on leadership roles, building relationships and making JARC part of her own family. 

“It’s become a very important part of my life, working with the staff and the people we serve, who are just the most special and amazing group of people.”

Shulman has worked on many projects throughout the years.

“If they need somebody to do something, they can always call on me. And if there’s any way I can do it, I say yes,” she added.  

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