AV 5782: The tikkun of hearing ancestral wisdom.

Why is this Chodesh Av different from all other Avs? An extremely rare triple conjunction, not seen since 324 BCE, in the days of Alexander the Great, occurs on July 31 / August 1. Mars / Ma’adim, Uranus / Oron, and the Lunar North Node (the Sefer Yetzirah’s “T’li”) meet in Taurus, the Fixed Earth (Establishing Manifestation) sign. Alexander established the manifestation of Hellenism throughout the “known” world. This triple conjunction opens the energetic door to dramatic global change. The sum weight of individual decisions made in collective response to these tremendous upheavals to come is in the balance.

The Tikkun of Chodesh Av is hearing. We must each examine our own ears. Are we listening to what the Earth is telling us? July 31’s trine of the Sun to Jupiter / Tzedek, with Venus / Noga square Chiron and Mercury / Kochav opposite Saturn / Shabbtai turns up the wakeup call’s volume.

Tisha b’Av comes on Shabbat Parshat Devarim, an extraordinary calendrical kindness, as one must feast on Shabbat, delaying the Fast until August 7, with Mars square Saturn and Venus trine Neptune / Rahav. Let humility and yearning for teshuva fuel our particularistic mourning, leading to universalist inspiration.

Av peaks with pride, drama, and passion August 11 at Tu b’Shevat, the Full Moon in Aquarius, with Sun/Moon square Uranus, Mars sextile Neptune and Venus entering Leo. The trine of Mars to Pluto with the Sun opposite Saturn August 14 is a world-class power struggle between egos and ideals. Av’s Tikkun of hearing calls but are you listening? “Listen, my child, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching”. The ancestral wisdom of the Imahot and Avot, the Mamas and the Papas are available to all of us at this time of upheaval.  Hear their voices!


The Tikkun of Chodesh Av is hearing; listen closely, especially within the realm of romantic love and creativity. Mars/Ma’adim, Uranus/Oron, and the North Lunar Node conjunct July 31 / August 1, bringing a sense of instability around finances, which contributes to anxiety when Mars squares Saturn/Shabbtai August 7. If you’re listening to your heart as well as the voice of your beloved, you’ll understand your value is far beyond your paycheck. Mars sextiles Neptune/Rahav August 11 and trines Pluto August 14. Powers of imagination are strong now; share your dream with supportive partners August 20 when Mars enters Gemini.


August 1st’s ultra-rare triple conjunction of Mars/Ma’adim, Uranus/Oron, and the North Lunar Node in Taurus powerfully disrupts the status quo, reprioritizing everything in your life if you stop resisting inevitable change. The Tikkun of Chodesh Av is hearing; Venus/Noga trines Neptune/Rahav August 7 and opposes Pluto August 9, empowering deep and sensitive listening, especially about home and family. Venus enters Leo August 11 at the Full Moon in Aquarius / Tu b’Shevat. Live up to your own ideals. Venus trines Jupiter/Tzedek August 18, followed by the Last Quarter Moon in Taurus August 19. Choose your best self every day.


Communication is a 2-way street, and the Tikkun of Chodesh Av is hearing. It’s time to listen to how your own thoughts influence how you communicate with others.  Mercury / Kochav opposite Saturn / Shabbtai July 31empowers humility. A little will go a long way! Mercury enters Virgo August 4; how can your strengths best be of service? Mercury trine Uranus / Oron August 16, inspiring originality. Mars enters Gemini August 20, lighting a fire under your proverbial feet! The opposition of Mercury to Neptune / Rahav and trine to Pluto August 21-22 demands absolute clarity around personal commitment.


The Tikkun of Chodesh Av is hearing; what voices are you listening to? Fears of scarcity deliver false messages.  Face your fears by taking a deep dive, eyes wide open, into the objectively true state of your personal worth at the First Quarter Moon in Scorpio August 5. Venus / Noga in Cancer through August 10, focusing attention on security. The Full Moon in Aquarius / Tu b’Av August 11 reminds you that holding on too tightly is bad for your health. Wise, supportive friends help ground you at the Last Quarter Moon in Taurus August 19. You are safe.


Chodesh Av is Leo’s month, and the attribute of hearing is Av’s Tikkun.  Developing excellent listening skills is a mark of great leadership. Luckily the Sun trines Jupiter / Tzedek July 31, infusing you with positive energy for the task. Discerning self-perception is critical August 11, with Sun square Uranus / Oron, the Full Moon in Aquarius opposite your natal Sun, and Venus / Noga entering Leo. Ps. 77:6 says, “I meditate within my heart and diligently search my spirit”. Do so August 14 with Sun opposite Saturn / Shabbtai. Get grounded when the Sun enters Virgo August 22.


Chodesh Av’s Tikkun is hearing. Listen to ancestral voices with Mercury / Kochav opposite Saturn / Shabbtai July 31. Your job is to discern between inherited wisdom and hereditary trauma when Mercury enters Virgo August 4. Original concepts and bright ideas are on the menu when Mercury trines Uranus / Oron  August 16; your imagination is stretched to the utmost August 21 with Mercury opposite Neptune / Rahav. Mercury’s trine to Pluto August 22 empowers the embodiment of your highest vision if you’re bold enough!  Mercury enters Libra August 25, seeking harmony and fair partnership. Be kinder to yourself.


Friendships and communal identity are the focus of Chodesh Av’s Tikkun. Venus / Noga squares Chiron July 31: is “nice” really good enough? Venus sextiles Uranus / Oron and Mars / Ma’adim August 2 empowers true empathy. Perform powerful acts of sacrificial love August 7 – 9 with Venus trine Neptune / Rahav and opposing Pluto. Venus enters Leo August 11 at the Full Moon in Aquarius / Tu b’Shevat; others place their vulnerable trust in you and there is nothing you cannot accomplish for the sake of all that is fair when Venus trines Jupiter / Tzedek August 18.


Your public-facing career identity needs the Tikkun of Chodesh Av, which is hearing. Shocking, sudden changes are triggered by July 31 / August 1’s triple conjunction of Mars / Ma’adim, Uranus / Oron, and the North Lunar Node in Taurus. Are you listening to what’s being said? Your ears are unplugged by the First Quarter Moon in Scorpio August 5. Be patient in negotiations August 7 with Mars square Saturn / Shabbtai; hold out for what you deserve August 9 with Venus / Noga opposite Pluto. Patience and knowing your true worth prevail August 14 with Mars trine Pluto.


Chodesh Av’s Tikkun of hearing is activated in the realm of your belief systems. Planetary ruler Jupiter / Tzedek stationed retrograde Erev Rosh Chodesh Av and remains retrograde through late November. Listen to the voice of your first spiritual love: “This is what the LORD says: “’I remember the devotion of your youth, how as a bride you loved me and followed me through the wilderness, through a land not sown” (Jer. 2:2) The Sun trines Jupiter July 31, illuminating your heart with that pure, original love light. Venus / Noga trines Jupiter August 18; “Luck” lets love lead.


Be honest when integrating the lessons of Chodesh Av’s Tikkun of hearing. On paper, you’re hearing but are you really listening? Are you internalizing what is being said, especially in the realm of those things you share with others, such as resources, possessions, values, and valuables? Mercury / Kochav opposite Saturn / Shabbtai July 31 enables a deep examination of why you may resist deep listening. Those reasons make themselves apparent August 7 with Mars / Ma’adim square Saturn. The more you resist the harder the pressure, peaking August 14 at the Sun / Saturn opposition. Truth brings liberation.


The Tikkun of Chodesh Av is hearing; are you listening to what your partners are saying? Closed ears equal closed minds: The upheaval triggered by the triple conjunction of Mars / Ma’adim, Uranus / Oron and North Lunar Node July 31 / August 1 in Taurus is a career disrupter, but you’re pursued by new opportunities at Tu b’Shevat with Sun squares Uranus and the Full Moon in Aquarius with Venus / Noga entering Leo. Bright ideas abound when Mercury trines Uranus August 16. Uranus stations retrograde August 25 through mid-January 2023. Gather steam for the next big push.


The Tikkun of Chodesh Av is hearing, and you need to be listening to your body. The healing arts is your focus this month, especially your mind-body connection, which may be ready for an entire makeover when Venus / Noga trines Neptune / Rahav August 7. You’re got to believe in something before you can manifest it. Your energy gets a big boost when Mars / Ma’adim sextiles Neptune August 11. Mercury / Kochav opposes Neptune August 21, giving you the opportunity to assess things without either rose-colored glasses or doomsday proportions. An undistorted perspective yields sober, responsible decisions.

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