Candidates for Mr. Moishe House of Royal Oak
Candidates for Mr. Moishe House of Royal Oak

The red-carpet event was hosted by Sophie Dwoskin for both in-person and online audiences.

Moishe House is a global leader in creating peer-led programming and opportunities for meaningful engagement in Jewish life for young adults who find themselves in between campus life and starting families of their own. Moishe House now offers more than 150 homes and pods in over 30 countries.

One of the thriving Moishe House homes is right here in Royal Oak (MoHoRo). The residents describe their commitment to building Jewish community, according to their fundraising page: “Our Moishe House is a place where we invite our friends, newcomers to our city and anyone who is looking for a place to belong to come together to create Jewish community.”

With the challenges of the pandemic, MoHoRo found ways to survive and thrive. “Now more than ever, we’re finding new ways to serve the needs of our community and to stay connected, whether through virtual or in-person gatherings where local conditions allow,” the page says.

Moishe House relies in great part on community support. This year, as part of the We Are Moishe House capital campaign, MoHoRo brought back a beloved event started in 2021: Mr. Moishe House.

The red-carpet event was hosted by Sophie Dwoskin for both in-person and online audiences. The candidates for the honor of Mr. Moishe House included seven MoHoRo residents: Ben Fisher, Jake Fishkind, Josh Gendelman, Sam Gendelman, Charlie Gertner, Ivan Meisner and Justin Shafer.

The competition included three rounds. First, each candidate showed off their best Mr. Moishe House walk. Second, Sophie asked each candidate pressing questions ranging from favorite holiday tradition to what nonprofit they would donate a million dollars to. And third, each of the contenders showed off their top talents. The audience saw talents ranging from mixing cocktails to breaking boards.

The official winner of the second annual Mr. Moishe House is Jake Fishkind. The true winner, though, is our Jewish community and MoHoRo, which almost doubled its goal of raising $600.

Donations for Moishe House Royal Oak are still welcome and can be made at

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