Canadians to hold #nomoreantisemitism International Conference Nov. 19-21.

Hamilton Jewish Federation will present the first #nomoreantisemitism International Conference in Hamilton, Ontario, Nov. 19-21.

#nomoreantisemitism is a three-day event. Each of the three days features keynote speakers, as well as an exhibition with book sales, and displays and booths hosted by community organizations.

Gustavo Rymberg
Gustavo Rymberg

“Our #nomoreantisemitism International Conference is a first for Hamilton Jewish Federation; with the increase in hate crimes targeting the Jewish community, it could not be timelier,” said Gustavo Rymberg, CEO, Hamilton Jewish Federation.

“When anyone’s civil or human rights are under threat, antisemitism is likely to grow. We must address antisemitism and educate the public, while always being alert and ready to call out acts of hate.”

In-person tickets for keynote presentations on Saturday night, Nov. 19, and Monday morning, Nov. 21, are sold out, but online tickets to participate via Zoom are available for purchase.

The Saturday, Nov. 19, keynote speakers are Dr. Robert Rozett of the International Institute for Holocaust Research and acclaimed author Dara Horn, author of People Love Dead Jews: Reports from a Haunted Present.

Monday, Nov. 21, keynote speakers are Alana Newhouse, editor-in-chief of Tablet Magazine, and Elisha Wiesel, continuing the legacy of his father, Elie Wiesel. Online tickets can be purchased for Saturday and Monday keynote presentations at

The #nomoreantisemitism Conference sessions on Sunday, Nov. 20, feature two tracks — Advocates Track, with sessions taking place at the Braley Health Centre, and the Educators Track, with sessions taking place at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

Advocates Track sessions are aimed at the general public and will provide opportunities to share and learn together. Educators Track sessions are designed for educators from all levels (elementary to university), but everyone is invited. Speakers in this track will be sharing new tools and curricula to further support educators in teaching about antisemitism in their classrooms.

In-person and online tickets to these tracks can be purchased at

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