Camper Josh Weinstock
Camper Josh Weinstock

Tamarack Camps unveils new six-week session for campers in grades 2-7.

Tamarack Camps is offering a new six-week session for campers going into grades 2-7 as part of its upcoming 2023 summer program at Camp Maas.

The six-week session, which is approximately the equivalent of a traditional session-and-a-half, incorporates Camp Maas Session 1, plus additional days at the Ortonville-based camp that include the session break and part of Camp Maas Session 2.

Carly Weinstock
Carly Weinstock

“A lot of our older campers were going to Super Session, and a lot of our younger campers wanted more than three-and-a-half weeks,” explains Tamarack Camps camp director Carly Weinstock. “After talking to some of them, we learned they’re not ready for the whole summer, but they want longer than one session.”

The “sweet spot,” Tamarack Camps staff decided, was to offer a six-week session for that particular age group. “We’ve never had kids that camp during session break, so this is a little change for us,” Weinstock explains, “but it’s an exciting change.”

Camp Maas six-week session is currently accepting applications for its 2023 program, which runs Tuesday, June 20, to Friday, July 28. Early-bird discounted fees are $9,225 and fees after Jan. 1, 2023, are $9,795. Tamarack Camps also offers scholarships for qualifying Jewish families living in Michigan that are available for all programs.

Weinstock says interest is growing and that the camp’s latest offering will offer a unique experience for participating campers. During the session break, campers will enjoy a number of curated activities including a special Shabbat, a field trip and adventures around the Camp Maas property, which spans 1,100 forested acres and has two lakes.

Plus, Weinstock explains that many schools are starting earlier than ever before, which means school sports and other activities aren’t always possible to balance for kids who want to enroll in Tamarack Camps’ Super Session, which runs seven-and-a-half weeks.

Instead, having a six-week option that’s right in the middle gives kids a chance to participate in both camp and school programming. It’s also helpful for staff who want to work at Tamarack Camps over the summer but aren’t able to commit to a Super Session because of early college start times — a win-win for everyone, Weinstock explains.

Staying true to the traditional Tamarack Camps experience, the six-week session will blend a mix of Jewish culture and activities, outdoor programming and team building. The session break will also offer a more intimate experience at the camp property.

“Kids don’t get a lot of time to just adventure with us,” Weinstock says, “so it will be really nice.”

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