CHODESH SHEVAT 5783 (23 January – 20 February 2023)

Chodesh Shevat gives us two liquids synonymous with Torah: oil, and water. The portion of Asher, the Tribe of Chodesh Shevat, overflowed with bounty, supplying olive oil to all the other Tribes as well as to foreigners. Shevat is the month of Aquarius, the “D’li” (water bucket), which draws water from the wells of Torah and serves to all who are thirsty. It’s said that “oil and water” don’t mix, but in the case of Shevat, they co-exist, and one complements the other.

Our sages tell us that for the Temple service, HaShem desired the Kohen Gadol to be like oil,  rising to the top in a mixture, someone capable of rising above his humility. The giver of the Torah, on the other hand, is compared to water, which stays beneath the oil. Humility is the characteristic of the giver of Torah.

The Sun sextiles Jupiter/Tzedek on January 24, giving a general lift in confidence and lightening of spirit. Venus/Noga enters Pisces on January 26, beckoning us to meld into undifferentiated One-ness with the Divine. The Full Moon in Leo on Tu b’Shevat, February 5 illuminates our collective responsibility towards Mother Earth and her bounty; now is the time to answer the call to leadership. Mercury/Kochav enters Aquarius on February 11, bringing bright ideas. The Sun conjuncts Saturn/Shabbtai February 16, the last significant contact before Saturn ends his two-and-a-half-year-long transit through Aquarius next month. Soak up all that Aquarian wisdom while you can!

The Sun enters Pisces February 18, and the New Moon in Pisces comes February 19, with Venus sextile Pluto before entering Aries on February 19. We’re empowered to be humble like water as we give over Torah, and to rise like oil above our own humility when we’re serving G*d, accomplishing things far beyond our personal abilities.


With Jupiter/Tzedek in Aries through mid-May, your get-up-and-go energy has been reborn. The Sun trines Mars/Ma’adim on January 29, giving you a turbo-boost of confidence. The square of Venus/Noga to Mars on February 4 may temporarily confuse your ambitions with too many choices, all of which seem full of possibilities. Which way to go? Mars sextiles Wounded Healer Chiron on February 11, reminding you of how you’ve contributed to your healing process. You are far from a passive onlooker to your own life! Venus enters Aries on February 19, imbuing your romantic soul with courage. Don’t throw away your shot!


For someone who fundamentally prefers harmony, comfort, and ease, you’ve managed to survive a lot of turmoil over the last few years. Bathe yourself in compassion when Venus/Noga enters Pisces January 26. The First Quarter Moon in Taurus January 28 sets your intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle. Venus squares Mars/Ma’adim February 4 and sextiles Uranus/Oron February 7. You’re becoming more flexible and learning how to ride the waves of unexpected change. Abrupt disruptions are now part of everyday life; you’re learning to go with the flow. Venus conjuncts Neptune/Rahav February 15, offering your life’s dream a free upgrade.


With Mars/Ma’adim now swiftly speeding towards the conclusion of his 7-month journey through Gemini, your conflict resolution skills should be finely honed. Put aside everything extraneous which monopolizes your energies.  You long for something new and different when Mercury trines Uranus/Oron January 29; confidence in your adaptability and aptitude may help your reach exceed your grasp when Mercury sextiles Neptune/Rahav February 6. The big power plays come forward on February 10 with Mercury conjunct Pluto; Mercury enters Aquarius February 11, reminding you to use your power for the collective good. Display your generous heart when Mercury sextiles Jupiter/Tzedek February 17.


If you’ve been feeling pleasure-deprived, the First Quarter Moon in Taurus on January 28 enhances your sensual powers, deepening to your connection to nature and earthly delights. The Full Moon in Leo on Tu b’Shevat, February 5, sparking passion and drama. Much as you momentarily enjoy playing the role of that obscure object of desire, the Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio on February 13 exposes the impact of your intense feelings in a very personal way. The New Moon in Pisces on February 19 confirms that intimate relationships without a spiritual connection just don’t work for you. Honor your truth.


With the Sun in solar opposite Aquarius, you’re expanding consciousness around your role as an individual in relationship to the collective. The Sun sextiles Jupiter/Tzedek January 24, supporting magnificent magnanimity. The Sun trines Mars/Ma’adim January 29; let others blow your horn. Don’t oversell your uniqueness when the Sun squares Uranus/Oron February 3; anyone who can’t see your superstar potentiality by the Full Moon in Leo / Tu b’Shevat February 5 doesn’t deserve to know you. Differentiate between deference and respect when the Sun conjuncts Saturn/Shabbtai February 16. The Sun enters Pisces on February 18: prepare for a deep dive!


Mercury/Kochav in Capricorn empowers taking the initiative in vital communications with others, especially your partner. Vulnerabilities may feel tender when Mercury squares Chiron on January 27; sincere words of affirmation and empathy help heal prickly feelings when Mercury trines Uranus/Oron on January 29. Inspire others by sharing your dreams when Mercury sextiles Neptune/Rahav on February 6.  Directly confront your own ambivalence about power and the responsibility it wields when Mercury conjuncts Pluto February 10. Mercury enters Aquarius on February 11, depressurizing the binary, black-and-white, all-or-nothing paradigm you’re clinging to. Find compromise and flexibility when Mercury sextiles Jupiter/Tzedek on February 17.


Distractions of the personal kind are a  welcome break from the pressing problems of the world. Romantic idealization season arrives when Venus/Noga enters Pisces January 26. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break from harsh reality, but try to maintain perspective when  Venus squares Mars/Ma’dim February 4. For a famous balance-seeker, you’re unexpectedly attracted to extremes when Venus sextiles Uranus/Oron February 7. It may be hard to discern enchantment from authenticity when Venus conjuncts Neptune/Rahav February 15. Enlist the help of sober-minded friends to help you manage expectations February 19 at the New Moon in Pisces, with Venus sextile Pluto.


Much of your energy this month is focused on home and family. The Sun trines Mars/Ma’adim on January 29; plow through that to-do list with mighty forcefulness! Consult partners on major projects when Venus/Noga squares Mars on February 4. You’re even more powerful than usual when Mercury conjuncts Pluto on February 10; try not to overwhelm others with your intensity and passion at the Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio February 13. You don’t need to pack a lifetime’s worth of intimacy into the space of a few hours! The sextile of Venus to Pluto February 19 enhances your natural charisma.


With Jupiter/Tzedek in Aries through mid-May, this is an optimum time to take some long-delayed creative risks.  Take courage when the Sun sextiles Jupiter on January 24, supporting the exploration of the unknown. There’s uncharted territory out there you’ve longed to stake your claim to. Though you’ve had success in your various areas of expertise, you’re attracted to something entirely different – don’t be afraid to chase that desire and see where it leads you. Mercury/Kochav sextiles Jupiter February 17, stimulating your desire to acquire knowledge. You love to learn and you’re never too old to acquire a new skill set.


Your planetary ruler Saturn/Shabbtai only has a few more weeks left of his two-and-a-half-year transit through Aquarius. This makes Chodesh Shevat especially important for you as it is your last chance to supercharge your Saturn before he leaves for watery climes when he enters Pisces in mid-March. When the Sun conjuncts Saturn on February 16, consider yourself an electric car and the conjunction a charging station. Saturn’s long transit through Aquarius has elevated your consciousness around your responsibilities to the community. It’s practical, proper, and ultimately profitable to be useful to others, especially those with whom you share affinity groups.


Shevat is your personal month, with the Sun in Aquarius through February 17. Originality abounds when Mercury/Kochav trines Uranus/Oron January 29. Uniquely original and iconoclastic forms of your creativity burst on the scene when the Sun squares Uranus on February 3. Venus/Noga sextile Uranus February 7 brings beauty and balance to smooth out the rough edges. Mercury enters Aquarius on February 11and your communication skills are at their peak. The Sun conjuncts Saturn/Shabbtai in Aquarius February 16, empowering you to own your uniqueness unapologetically and with calm inner security and contentment. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will.


Venus/Noga enters Pisces January 26, where she’ll be stirring up the waters of creativity and love until February 20. Take advantage of this transit to allow your prolific inner visionary to come out and play. Mercury/Kochav sextiles Neptune/Rahav February 6, giving voice to your highest ideals. Enchantment reigns when Venus conjuncts Neptune February15; you’re attracting support from like-minded individuals who resonate with your dreams and want to assist you to make them come true. The Sun enters Pisces on February 18, and the New Moon in Pisces is on February 19. You’re swimming in the right direction – keep going!

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