Bailey, Madison and Kylie Tarnopol
Bailey, Madison and Kylie Tarnopol

West Bloomfield identical triplets head to Michigan State University in the fall.

This fall, Michigan State University will welcome a new set of triplets on campus.

Bailey, Madison and Kylie Tarnopol of West Bloomfield never imagined that their college paths would cross. Yet when the 19-year-old identical triplets initially applied to different universities, they were shocked to find out that all three had been accepted to MSU.

“I didn’t really think that we’d all get into MSU because we all knew our own paths that we wanted to go on,” Madison Tarnopol explains. “But once we realized that we all got into MSU, our dreams came true. We finally realized it was happening.”

Over the years, the Tarnopol triplets have been featured in the Detroit Jewish News a handful of times. At age 5, they donated their hair to Wigs 4 Kids, and also played the role of Young Candace in the 2010 feature film Stone, which starred Robert DeNiro and Edward Norton.

The Tarnopols have been regularly involved in the Metro Detroit Jewish community as well. All three women attended BBYO programming, with Madison and Bailey Tarnopol holding board positions in their local chapter.

Their mother, Denise Tarnopol, calls them “best friends” and looks forward to her daughters attending college together.

Now, Bailey, Madison and Kylie Tarnopol are busy gearing up for their next chapter.

YouTube Unveiling

Earlier this year, the Tarnopol triplets announced their triple acceptance to MSU with a YouTube video they created with their parents, Michael and Denise Tarnopol.

“Our parents were so happy and supportive,” Bailey Tarnopol explains. “They were very excited when we told them [we all got into MSU].”

Denise Tarnopol says the acceptance letters came in waves, with Madison being accepted first and Bailey and Kylie being accepted two months later.

To share the news with the community, the YouTube video saw each sister unveiling a MSU T-shirt that showed they were accepted to the university. In front of them were signs for all five universities they applied (and were accepted) to, so the T-shirts were the true reveal.

Bailey Tarnopol says family and friends were thrilled to hear the news. The Tarnopols also sent the YouTube unveiling video to MSU, who were delighted to realize they had triplets joining the university in the fall.

“They had never seen anything like it,” Bailey Tarnopol says of the YouTube video sent to MSU. “They probably have many twins, but I don’t think many triplets.”

Kylie Tarnopol adds that she’s thrilled for her sisters to attend their dream schools.

“They have such a passion toward what they want to do,” she explains, “and knowing that they can pursue that at this amazing school makes me so happy for them.”

Fast Track to College

Currently, the Tarnopols are attending Oakland Early College, a five-year early college high school that serves students throughout Oakland County.

Bailey, Madison and Kylie Tarnopol
Bailey, Madison and Kylie Tarnopol

It includes a partnership between West Bloomfield School District and Oakland Community College’s Orchard Ridge Campus that allows students to work toward their high school diploma and an associate degree simultaneously.

“We chose to start in 10th grade,” Madison Tarnopol says. “We’ve loved it ever since.

“It’s a great opportunity,” she adds. “I think everyone should take advantage of it. You could try one class, not like it and try different classes to see what your passion is.”

This fall, Madison Tarnopol will be joining MSU’s College of Engineering to study either electrical or architectural engineering. “I love to create and to draw,” she says. “I want to be the brains behind the cool inventions in the future.”

Bailey Tarnopol has been accepted to MSU’s Lyman Briggs College, which is the university’s math and science school. “I’m going to do my major in nutrition and then hopefully after that, go to PA [physician assistant] school,” she explains.

Kylie Tarnopol will be studying in MSU’s Department of Psychology. “My goal is to own my own practice,” she says. “I want to get my doctoral degree. I’m just so fascinated with the brain and how it works together, and I’m very excited to help people.”

It was unintentional, the triplets say, that all three would pursue a field related to science, but they’re excited to see what their first year at MSU will hold.

“I’m excited for that experience,” Bailey Tarnopol says of living on campus.

Denise and Michael Tarnopol, meanwhile, are sad to see their home of five turn into a home of two but can’t wait to see what their daughters accomplish at MSU.

“It’s going to be a little bit of a change for us here,” Michael Tarnopol says, “but they’ve worked pretty hard to get where they’ve gotten. I’m so proud of them.”

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