Add something different to this year’s seder.

Are you looking for something a bit outside of the traditional for this year’s seder? The folks at have plenty to choose from to make sure this day is different from all other days.

Here’s what they have new for this year:


Yes, a Computer Wrote This Haggadah

Add some laughter and debate to your seder this year with these humorous, witty and thought-provoking Haggadah additions — all written by Chat GPT, an open-source artificial intelligence platform.

Download at


Comedy Haggadah

Fill your seder table with fun and laughter with this comedy seder!

Download at



Minimalist Seder

Cut the clutter and focus on the basics: freedom and connection.

Download at



MoHoLo Reverse Seder

It’s your typical seder, but backwards! Use this fun Haggadah by Moishe House.

Download at


Passover Meditation Guide

Bring calmness and meaning to your seder with these guided meditations.

Download at


Women’s Seder

A compilation of favorite content written by and about women.

Download at

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