April 21 – May 20, 2023

Tumultuous times are upon us! Iyar comes to heal what ails us. “Iyar” is an acronym for “Ani Hashem Rophecha” – “I am God your healer.” In Babylonian the month was called Ziv, meaning radiance. The radiant light of HaShem reveals itself in Iyar during Sefirot HaOmer, beginning with Chesed Sh’b’Tiferet and ending with Gevurah Sh’b’Malchut – a month filled with personal growth.

Mercury/Kochav meets up with Uranus/Oron for one big shocking announcement before stationing retrograde on Rosh Chodesh Iyar, sextiling Mars/Ma’dim in Cancer. Pluto stations retrograde and the Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde May 1, sending everyone scrambling back to the blackboard to recompute an equation where all the variables keep on changing. Venus/Noga in Gemini squares Neptune/Rahav in Pisces with the Full Moon in Scorpio on Pesach Sheini. When your wish for a second chance is granted, don’t waste it on insubstantial fluff.

Venus enters Cancer May 7; the Sun conjuncts Uranus on Lag b’Omer. There is no compromise between sentimentality and truth. The Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius May 12 with retrograde Mercury sextiling Saturn, and Venus trining Saturn, before Mercury stations direct May 14 demands a strict accounting for facts. Jupiter/Tzedek enters Taurus May 16, squaring Pluto at the 0 degrees Aquarius “Great Conjunction” point, triggering signs of fundamental, long-term seismic societal change. These “signs of the times” are the astrological signature of Year 5783/2023.

The New Moon in Taurus May 19 is a “Black Moon”, the third new moon in a season of four new moons. Shabbos BaMidbar sees Mars enter Leo and oppose retrograde Pluto in Aquarius. The tension between individual interests vs. communal responsibilities comes to a head. Chodesh Iyar’s “signs of the times” all point to the destructiveness of divisiveness and the healing power of harmony.  One need not sacrifice uniqueness to achieve unity.


Aries’ Tribal Ruler Yehuda knows how to fight for what he believes in. Retrograde Mercury/Kochav sextiles Mars/Ma’adim on April 23, resupplying ammunition to the front lines of your war of words. Mars sextiles Uranus/Oron April 29, reenergizing the alignment of your personal values to the societal ideals you’re fighting for. Mars trines Neptune/Rahav May 15, imbuing you with compassion for those weaker and less capable than yourself. You’re protective, passionate, and powerful when Mars enters Leo and opposes Pluto on May 20. Be the brave, confident, and courageous leader you’ve always meant to be when the opportunity arises.


Taurus’ Tribal Leader Issachar’s wisdom came from his ability to discern the times and qualities of every season. Such sensitivity to nature is your healing superpower when Venus/Noga sextiles Chiron, the “Wounded Healer”, on April 25. The grace you give others will be given back to you.  You’re walking a tightrope without a net, between the ideal and the real, when Venus squares Neptune/Rahav May 4. Venus enters Cancer May 7, and trines Saturn/Shabbtai May 12. What’s practical and sustainable, and what’s only a fleeting fancy? The New “Black” Moon in Taurus on May 19 answers your heart’s deepest questions.


Gemini’s Tribal Leader Zevulon was driven by curiosity and commerce as he sailed from one community to another, gathering information and goods. Mercury/Kochav stations retrograde April 21, Rosh Chodesh Iyar, focusing your curiosity on remembrances of things past. Did you leave something behind that you need to recover? Retrograde Mercury sextiles Mars/Ma’adim on April 23, energizing your search. The lightbulb over your head goes off May 1 when the Sun conjuncts retrograde Mercury. A beautiful new path is forged when retrograde Mercury sextiles Saturn/Shabbtai and Venus/Noga May 12. You’re on the road again May 14 when Mercury stations direct.


Cancer’s Tribal Leader Reuven always put family first. Family values dominate at the First Quarter Moon in Leo on April 27. A second chance for reconciliation and deep connection comes at the Full Scorpio Moon May 5, Pesach Sheini, which is also a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Venus/Noga enters Cancer May 7, dramatically upping the romantic quotient.  You want to give everything away to the object of your affection at the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius May 12, but wait.  Sharing is caring but G*d bless the child that’s got her own at the New “Black” Moon in Taurus May 19.


The descendants of Leo’s Tribal Leader Shimon became teachers in the Land of Israel. What are you teaching others? The Sun sextiles Saturn/Shabbtai April 25, revealing the value of your wisdom. The First Quarter Moon in Leo April 27 encourages playfulness; you teach by example as well as with words at the conjunction of the Sun to retrograde Mercury/Kochav May 1.  All eyes are upon you as you display your unique originality May 9, Lag b’Omer, when the Sun conjuncts Uranus/Oron. The Sun sextiles Neptune/Rahav May 18, supporting the embodied manifestation of your high ideals. Never compromise your core beliefs.


Gad, Virgo’s Tribal Leader, was, according to Rashi, born circumcised. This alludes to Virgo’s reputation for physical and spiritual purity.  Mercury/Kochav stations retrograde in Taurus April 21, Rosh Chodesh Iyar, and re-stations direct May 14. This reflects your own search to discern what is purely right for you within the realms of your relationship to your own religious/philosophical/cultural background, and that of others. Like the Tribe of Gad with one foot in and one foot out of the Land of Israel, your priorities are divided. Wake up and smell reality when the Sun conjuncts retrograde Mercury on May 1.


Libra’s Tribal Leader Ephraim is described as a “delightful child” and his spirit inspires you. Your own Inner Child longs for delightful distraction from unpleasantness when planetary ruler Venus/Noga in Gemini squares Neptune/Rahav in Pisces on May 4. It’s so difficult when others are willing to accept a harsh, bleak outlook knowing it’s that very outlook creating their reality. Venus enters Cancer May 7, refocusing your attention from healing societal ills to fixing what’s going on at home. Venus trines Saturn/Shabbtai on May 12, inspiring a structured solution that allows for maximum flexibility.  You can’t do someone else’s Tikkun!


Scorpio’s Tribal Leader Menashe was the trusted keeper of intimate secrets. Mars/Ma’adim sextiles Uranus/Oron April 29, revealing secrets even you didn’t know about! Pluto stations retrograde in Aquarius May 1; everything pauses and is parsed through the filter of authenticity at the Full Moon, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 5. There’s no going back and no settling for anything less than the real thing. Make your powerful move when Mars trines Neptune/Rahav May 15, and Jupiter/Tzedek squares Pluto May 17.  Mars enters Leo and opposes Pluto in Aquarius May 20; woe be unto anyone trying to stop you.


Sagittarius’ Tribal Ruler Benjamin was the key player in the Israelite civil war, instigating rebellion because of injustice and reunification because justice had been served. Your own societal role is very Benjamin-like now, with planetary ruler Jupiter/Tzedek entering Taurus on May 16, where he’ll be through May 2024. The values, valuables, resources, and intimacies you share with others will be refracted through the lens of justice during this time. Jupiter squares Pluto at 0 degrees Aquarius May 17, the crucial and sensitive “Great Conjunction” point of December 2020. Reassess what you rebelled against 2.5 years ago. Have you won yet?


Capricorn’s Tribal Leader Dan was legendarily fierce and protective. You’re already adept at defending your territory – what you need to develop now, during your planetary ruler Saturn/Shabbtai’s two-and-a-half year-long transit through Pisces, is flexibility. But for you to be flexible, you need to trust. For you, trust is earned, not given freely. Patience is the practice of trust when the Sun sextiles Saturn on April 25. By May 12 your patience is rewarded when Venus/Noga trines Saturn. You learn that others put their trust in you much quicker than you do in them. What do they see that you don’t?


Aquarius’ Tribal Ruler Asher was blessed with tremendous bounty because his role was to provide for others. He could be trusted to be a conduit of the flowing shefa; like Asher, you’re a pipeline for divine download when Mars/Ma’adim sextiles Uranus/Oron on April 29. Your unique originality shines when the Sun conjuncts Uranus May 9. Close the deal, overcome any lingering objections, and tie up loose ends at the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius May 12. Your modern planetary ruler Uranus, more than halfway through his lengthy transit through Taurus, has learned how to make big moves in small spaces.


Pisces’ Tribal Ruler Naftali’s land included the area of Kinneret from which the famed figs of Gennesaret (Genosar) hailed. The Talmud’s over-the-top tales of the sweetness of these figs are almost as sweet as the relationship between Venus/Noga and your modern planetary ruler Neptune/Rahav this month.  With personal charisma at an all-time high, you’ll win any charm offensive you bother to wage between May 4 and 15. Your classical planetary ruler Jupiter/Tzedek enters Taurus May 16, where he’ll be through May 2024. This enhances your feeling of foundational stability, allowing you greater freedom to dive deep and fly high.

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