We’ve Come Shofar

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Sherrill Brown Shofar Factory, Aug. 19, Jewish Community Center, West Bloomfield

Photos by Jessica Barris

Check out this gallery of photos from the Sherrill Brown Shofar Factory!

Akiva Whitt of Oak Park assists with the shofar-making experience.
: Tzvi Pollack, 5, of Brooklyn, N.Y., works with ink and a feather pen to draw Hebrew letters.
Rabbi Schneur Silberberg of the Tugman Bais Chabad Torah Center in West Bloomfield explains about the importance of the shofar to the High Holidays. The event was a partnership with the Torah Center, the JCC, PJ Library Detroit and the Janice Charach Art Gallery.
Eliyana, 7, and Mikaela Townsley, 4, of Clarkston use sandpaper to smooth their ram’s horns.
Avi Bass, 5, of West Bloomfield finds the beat.
Jordana Gottfried, 3, of West Bloomfield.
Jason and Abbie Cohn, 6, of West Bloomfield work on their ram’s horns.
Raya Ita Salita, 3, of West Bloomfield decorates a small tote.

See highlights from this year’s Shofar Factory.

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