About Us

The Detroit Jewish News has been serving Metro Detroit’s Jewish community since 1942 with news and opinion that’s engaging, educational, enjoyable and unique.  We strive to reflect a full range of diverse viewpoints while also advocating positions that strengthen Jewish unity and continuity.

The Detroit Jewish News Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has digitized 100 years of Jewish Detroit history and made it available to the public for free through the William Davidson Digital Archive of Jewish Detroit History.

Mission Statement

The Detroit Jewish News will be of service to the Jewish community.

The Detroit Jewish News will inform and educate the Jewish and general community to preserve, protect and sustain the Jewish people of greater Detroit and beyond, and the State of Israel.

Vision Statement

The Detroit Jewish News will operate to appeal to the broadest segments of the greater Detroit Jewish community, reflecting the diverse views and interests of the Jewish community while advancing the morale and spirit of the community and advocating Jewish unity, identity, and continuity.

Detroit Jewish News Foundation Leadership

Chair: Gary Torgow
Vice President: David Kramer
Secretary: Robin Axelrod
Treasurer: Max Berlin
Board members: Larry Jackier, Jeffrey Schlussel, Mark Zausmer
Senior Advisor to the Board: Mark Davidoff