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2.4 billion reasons to partner with The Detroit Jewish News

With a combined weekly reader income of $2.4 billion, the Detroit Jewish News is a powerful way to reach upscale, affluent buyers.

Our Mission

To communicate useful, engaging news and information reflecting a full range of diverse viewpoints, while also advocating positions that strengthen Jewish unity and continuity.

The Detroit Jewish News is without question the most effective and essential venue for our print advertising. Their readership, which comprises a large part of our overall audience, is extremely loyal and attentive to the full content of the paper—including the ads. If we want to reach this audience, the Jewish News is the number one way to do so, and our investment in the paper always pays off.

Ted Cohen, Senior Director, Marketing – The Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit

Community Commitment

Our goal is to serve the needs of our community, including readers and advertising partners. We provide valuable content, focused sections and advertising that fits the buying needs of our audience. We are a community publication and resource, committed to supporting a wide variety of events including Walk4Friendship, Henry Ford Mothers, the Daughter, Sisters and Friends Luncheon and the JCC Macabi Games.

A Recognized Leader

The Jewish News has won more than 100 press awards in the past 10 years, including 2016 Michigan Press Associated Newspaper of the Year in its circulation class. For 77 consecutive years, we have been recognized as one of the most respected Jewish newspapers in the nation, and ranked No. 1 by Independent Federation study.

Monthly Sections*

  • Nosh: First week of every month
  • Home: Second week of every month
  • Business/Sports: Third week of every month
  • Health & Wellness: Last week of every month

*These sections are subject to change.

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