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An artist’s concept of the Mars Science Laboratory spacecraft approaching Mars. A large planet with a small spacecraft in the front

For Openers: What Planet Are You From?

Alan Muskovitz Contributing Writer NASA spent nearly the last seven months guiding its InSight Mars lander through 301,223,981 miles of space at 12,300 mph, then, at the precise planned moment, stuck the landing on Nov. 26 on the surface of the red planet. (After 47 years of driving, I still can’t parallel park.) Meanwhile, several states…

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Ed Hirsch

Distinguished Career

New JWV commander to participate in Detroit’s Veterans Day parade. Timing is everything. On Monday, Oct. 29, I left a dental check-up and drove to a second dental appointment; this time with retired dentist, Dr. Edward “Ed” Hirsch, 83, of Farmington Hills. I was meeting him for lunch in advance of Veterans Day, Nov. 11,…

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Samuel Curtis's WWI/Great War diary and two letters from the War.

Dispatches from the Great War

100-year-old diary from Jewish GI sheds light on what it was like to be at the front. I never cease to be amazed by the incredible stories I’m fortunate to learn about and share in the Jewish News. This is one right up there in the incredible column because it’s a story that is 100…

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Cameraman Recording Female Journalist Interviewing Businessman

For Openers: Political Ads And Online Buying — Painful!

Editor‘s Note: This humor column was written before the tragic shooting at the Pittsburgh synagogue. Have you heard? The mid-term elections are next week. Really. Turn on your television and wait a quarter of a second and you might catch one of the thoroughly enjoyable political ads, which is a nice respite from the 3…

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Pace cars from other tracks drive laps before a race at Michigan International Speedway. Mark LoPatin is driving the car at the top.

Passion for Promoting

Entrepreneur’s vision launched Michigan International Speedway 50 years ago. Above: Pace cars from other tracks drive laps before a race at Michigan International Speedway. Mark LoPatin is driving the car at the top. Fifty years ago, just three days after our Detroit Tigers basked in the glow of their dramatic come-from-behind World Series victory over the…

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Alan Muskovitz edges in for an interview with Tiger Woods in 2004.

For Openers: My Glory Days

Tiger Woods has nothing on me. Above: Alan Muskovitz edges in for an interview with Tiger Woods in 2004. I just finished enjoying two events on television that involved participants desperate for big victories — and it didn’t involve politics I spent the afternoon of Sept. 23 watching the dramatic finish to Tiger Woods’ win in…

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Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue. Photos by Larry Hauptman 

Fress And Fundraise

Photos by Larry Hauptman  Shaar Hashomayim in Windsor draws men for a kosher deli feast. Windsor, Ontario I just got back from traveling abroad. Well, actually, I just went to Windsor for a corned beef sandwich. I didn’t experience jet lag, but I’m sure my cholesterol is elevated. On Sept. 6, I was in Windsor in…

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U.S. Army Lt. Col. Rabbi Allan Blustein, left, blows shofar at a service during the 1960s in Europe.

Yom Kippur – Military Holiday Duty

How those in the military balance the High Holidays with their responsibilities. The challenges of getting ready for the High Holidays. Maybe, in your case, it’s the added stress of preparing Rosh Hashanah dinner for a house full of guests or the ordering of the right-sized deli tray for the break-fast. Then there’s the pressure…

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Grandson Marc Kestenberg at his May 17 wedding in Toronto with his grandfather Harry Chil Zborowski

For Openers: Coming Full Circle

On Saturday, Aug. 18, I traveled by train out of Windsor to Toronto for the funeral of my 99-year-old cousin Harry Chil Zborowski. I settled into my seat for the 5:45 evening departure, relieved that I was going to arrive Sunday on time to pay my final respects to the most amazing man I had…

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Ben Gretchko’s successful first year at college included a 3.77 GPA, making the Dean’s List, receiving an invitation to the Honors College as well as partaking fully in student life. He is studying journalism.

Unlocking Potential

Ben Gretchko had an excellent freshman year at Western and is ready for more. It would be easy to say this past year has been a transformational one for 19-year-old Ben Gretchko, but the truth is that Ben’s entire life has been a series of incredible transformations. A video of a speech Ben delivered during…

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