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C rolls out strands of raw challah dough for braiding

Challah Back Kid

C has been sick for a couple of days, and though he’s feeling much better now — thankfully — we’re still stuck in our house, sitting here writing this blog together. On a stay home day (or days) like this, it can be hard to find ways to entertain, but C knew just the thing.…

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C enjoys a bite of sushi

Trying Our Hand At Making Sushi

Every year, friends and family ask what they can buy C for his birthday. To make it easier, we’ve gotten into the habit of making an Amazon list with suggestions of things he might like. But, let’s be honest, the last thing he needs is another toy. So, for his most recent birthday we decided…

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C pours the chocolate chips into the banana bread batter.

Babies And Banana Bread

This Saturday, my husband was cleaning out our kitchen so we could meal plan for the week when he pulled out some very brown and mushy bananas we’d forgotten about. As he was heading to the trashcan to throw them away, I stopped him. Everyone knows brown, mushy bananas are perfect for banana bread. Lately,…

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C holds his cup of coffee.

Father’s Day Cups of Coffee

Father’s Day started with an early morning wake up from our 14-month-old. I was trying to let my husband sleep in, but he was up earlier than he or I wanted. Like most mornings, this morning revolved around coffee. After rolling out of bed, my husband came in the kitchen and asked the proverbial question.…

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Cinnamon Baked French Toast

Cooking With Kids – Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day is a day meant for brunch. There are a lot of tasty brunches in Metro Detroit. However, most brunch places don’t take reservations, or you need to plan ahead to make those them. I don’t do so well with planning ahead, and my kids don’t do so well with long waits at restaurants.…

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Cooking With Kids – Healthier Chocolate Chip Muffins

It’s Saturday morning, and I am so sleepy. My 1-year-old is not such a great sleeper, and after a fitful night, I finally drifted off. I was hoping for a couple of hours, but then I heard footsteps. Thump. Thump. Thump. It’s C. He’s awake. This is how our conversation goes: Me: “Do you want…

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Meet Amanda Alberts – Cooking With Kids

Hi, my name is Amanda. I am a busy working wife, mother of two young kids and a lover of all things food. Growing up Jewish in Michigan, I was taught that food cures all sickness. Well, that and a glass of Vernors. Have a headache? You really should eat more food. Broken foot? Eat…

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