Corrie Colf


Dr. Ethan Goldstein Vows to Ride Peloton for 365 Days

Dr. Ethan Goldstein began an initiative to ride his Peloton bike for 365 consecutive days to raise awareness for the National Stroke Association in honor of his father.

Farber Provides Students with Equal Opportunity

Farber students in the Girls Beit Midrash Program had the opportunity to attend the first women's siyum in Jerusalem and learn personally from their Jewish women role models.

Schmoozing with Zak Rosen

Detroit-based story maker Zak Rosen chats with the JN about his success with podcasts and how that led him to create his own with his wife.

The Battle for a Permanent Capitol Menorah Ends

The Michigan State Capitol Commission has declared that a permanent menorah in front of the Capitol is a violation of the U.S. Constitution.