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Dear Debra: A Lonely Mom

Send your questions to Dear Debra, My daughter graduated college last year and moved to California. She enjoys her work, shares a cute apartment with friends and has a new boyfriend. I know I should be happy, but I am miserable. When we talk, I battle not to make her feel guilty for leaving.…

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drawing of Olivia, Debra Darvick's granddaughter.

For Openers: Big Lessons From A Tiny Person

Conversations with my granddaughter are expanding beyond burbles and trills to delicious mispronunciations that will become the stuff of family lore. Ohdor means “please open the door.” UpDown is a request to read the Olivia book about opposites. More than her darling gymnastics with the English language, Olivia’s actions speak potent lessons. In a single…

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Little girl choosing dresses in white bedroom. Child watching mirror reflection holding pink dress choosing outfit. Girls nursery. Shopping clothing for kids. Dressing room interior for children.

Dress-Up Dilemma

Send your questions to Dear Debra, Whenever a friend’s daughter visits, she asks if she can try on our daughter’s clothes. This isn’t playing with our dress-up clothes, but actually going into our daughter’s closet and chest of drawers and taking things out to put on. It’s bizarre, yes?  I have told her no…

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Baby hand holding mother's hands

My Friends Were Right – Becoming A Grandparent

There’s nothing like it,” my friends began saying. “Nothing in the world!” They weren’t talking kale or cilantro. Or the season’s best read. They were talking grandchildren. Yes, grandchildren. “Just wait,” they’d say, smug with a knowledge that admittedly I didn’t possess. I did have 63 combined years of parenting my now-adult children. That’s more…

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Beautiful young girl meditating in the park on a sunny summer day

Following His Heart

Brandon Klein’s journey takes him to teach others to grow through meditation. Meditation teacher Brandon Klein typifies his generation’s inclination to pursue a career that melds personal fulfillment and helping others. “When we talk about meditation,” says Klein, founder of WiseMindGentleSoul meditation center, “we talk about returning to a state of mind not conditioned by…

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When To Speak Up

Send your questions to Dear Debra, Recently I had lunch with someone and during nearly the entire meal, she had some food stuck in her teeth. I didn’t want to say anything and embarrass her. I stayed quiet, but then felt bad because what if she went through the day like that and found…

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Thorny Shrubs Make For Better Neighbors

Send your questions to Dear Debra, My neighbor’s children use my backyard as their thoroughfare. And if that is not bad enough, recently the daughter came up and knocked on my window while I was watching TV. She scared the heck out of me. I have asked the mother to speak to her children…

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No Shoes Allowed – Dear Debra

Send your questions to Dear Debra, My husband and I recently bought a new home and, because we have a young child, we have decided to be a “shoe-free” household. We do not want our child crawling around on carpet laden with street dirt and germs. My parents visit often and because they do…

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