Jonathan Tobin


Commentary: Israel Has No Choice but to Act on its Own to Stop Iran

Israeli officials are pleading against more appeasement of Tehran. But revelations about John Kerry’s past betrayal help explain the administration’s refusal to listen.

Analysis: Israel Still Can’t Make Up its Mind About Netanyahu

Despite his accomplishments, half the country is determined to oust the prime minister. But a possible way out is both a societal breakthrough, as well as a source of potential trouble.

Commentary: Ethnic Studies Issues Remain Unresolved

Anti-Semitic content was removed from a proposed California public-school curriculum. But the real danger is a radical and divisive ideological agenda at the heart of this effort.

Don’t Let a Staggering Iran Off the Hook

Jonathan Tobin explains why now is the time for the U.S. to press harder on a staggering Iran. The foreign-policy establishment was nearly unanimous last...

New Israel Fund’s War on Jewish Life

The New Israel Fund is pushing to create a different philanthropic system, but is receiving controversy for allowing donors to give money to anti-Zionist...

Why America Can’t Escape the Middle East

President Donald Trump's decision to remove troops from the Middle East resonates with most of the American public. The excuses President Donald Trump and his...

Is Regulation of Anti-Semitism on Campus Censorship?

The Department of Education is under fire after it tells universities they will lose federal funding if they continue teaching programs that promote BDS...

American Jews Must Not Be Afraid to Show Up on the High Holidays

Avoiding synagogue out of fear during the High Holidays should not become a standard practice. The last thing most American Jews needed was another excuse...