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West Bloomfield Native Seeks Kidney Donor

Brett Ehrmann is currently on a 100,000 person waiting list for a kidney, hoping someone will be able to provide the gift of life. By Joyce Wiswell Featured photo courtesy of the Ehrmann family When a fellow physician asked Brett Ehrmann if his failing kidneys made him less sympathetic to patients with relatively minor woes,…

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Dr. Jeffrey Michaelson withdraws fat cells from a patient.

Regenerative Answers?

The pros and cons of easing joint damage with injections of your own fat. Joyce Wiswell Contributing Writer At 75, Judith Jacobson has no interest in slowing down. So, when knee pain threatened to curtail her active schedule, she took action by trying a relatively new orthopedic procedure called Lipogems, which uses her own body…

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Susana Stoica with her beagle service dog

‘Heal Your Brain’

Local author outlines her methods to recover after concussions. As she struggled to recover from traumatic brain injury, Susana Stoica made herself a promise: Once she was well, she’d write a book to help others facing the same challenges. She has completed that mission with Heal Your Brain, Reclaim Your Life — How to Recover…

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Sharon Blatt with some of her handmade, personalized blankets and pillows; her stylized dollhouse in the background became a replica of her own house.

All By Hand

Sharon Blatt’s creations can be found worldwide. Above: Sharon Blatt with some of her handmade, personalized blankets and pillows; her stylized dollhouse in the background became a replica of her own house. Sharon Blatt of Farmington has always loved being a homebody. But rather than veg out with a book or TV show, she used her…

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Dr. Andrea Nakisher uses an iTero scanner that is moved over the teeth to take fast, accurate digital impressions for Invisalign braces.

A Bite Of The Future

Orthodontists talk of technological advances and braces. We’re not there yet, but in the not-too-distant future it may be as common to see a 3D printer churning out retainers in an orthodontist’s office as it is to see a spit sink today. Technology is constantly advancing in the science and art of straightening teeth and…

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Ira Goldberg of Farmington Hills with his Iron Man medal in 2017 in Santa Rosa, Calif.

Iron Man

Vegan diet, determination, support and training lead to healthy lifestyle. At nearly 400 pounds, Ira Goldberg was lying on the floor one night, watching TV. When he tried to stand up, he wasn’t sure he’d make it. “It was a complete struggle to get off the ground, and I had a very sobering thought: If this…

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Now: Members of 2015 citizenship class celebrate.

Impacting Lives

For 90 years, Jewish Family Service responds to the needs of the community. For a 90-year-old, Jewish Family Service (JFS) is pretty darn nimble. While its mainstay is providing services for older adults, mental health and substance abuse counseling, coordination of health care access and ensuring basic needs are being met, the agency can also…

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Run Strong Project founders Sara Plumstead and Amy Haenick.

Run Strong

Two women bond over running and beating anorexia and launch a business. Upon meeting at work, 40-something fitness instructors Amy Haenick and Sara Plumstead soon realized they had a lot in common, including supportive husbands, great children, college life at Michigan State, a commitment to physical fitness — and triumph over anorexia nervosa. Each woman…

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With Love, Alexa

Local writer Alexa Randolph publishes her first novel. Alexa Randolph loves binge-watching reality shows like The Bachelor and The Real Housewives, as well as the “cheesy love stories” on the Lifetime and Hallmark channels. She took inspiration from both genres for her first novel, With Love, Ella. “I have always loved romance and the happily-ever-after,” the…

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Cropped shot of a group of colleagues using their smart phones in synchronicity

Social Media Pressures

Overuse can make teens more prone to anxiety and depression. Like many of her peers, 17-year-old Julie Abramson is rarely without her phone. “I try not to look during class, but sometimes I do,” admitted the senior at West Bloomfield High School. “I check it a good amount so I can keep up with what…

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