Lorelai Kude


ASTROLOJEW Horoscopes for Chodesh Iyar 5781 (12 April – 11 May 2021)

IYAR 5781: Lighting the way to soul-healing This is the month we count the Omer, repairing and building up inner soul characteristics which generates a...

ASTROLOJEW Horoscopes for Chodesh NISAN 5781 (14 March – 11 April 2021)

Chodesh Nisan is “the beginning of months,” and a new start couldn’t come at a better time after a long, wearisome year during which we’ve all suffered loss on various levels and in multiple ways.

ASTROLOJEW Horoscopes for Chodesh Cheshvan 5781 / 2020 (18 October – 16 November 2020)

Cheshvan 5781: Transforming "Mar" (Bitter) into "Ram" (Greatness) This year Chodesh Cheshvan will be both “Mar” in terms of bitterness and “Ram” in terms of...