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Let’s Talk About Yom Kippur Real Fast

Sponsored by The Lash Lounge In my hangry (hungry and angry) state whilst wrangling mildly repentant children on Yom Kippur, I got to thinking. Surrounded by saltines and raisins (the meager rations provided to the small humans), I thought about how fasting, abstaining from something, does not (outside of Yom Kippur) need to be an unpleasant…

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Haaaaave You Met Bi Erasure?

Sponsored by The Lash Lounge Rosa Diaz of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is amazing bi representation. Her character shows an honest and relatable experience that was written in part due to actor Stephanie Beatriz’s experience of being bisexual. But I’m not here to talk about how wonderful Rosa and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are (yet). I’m here to say…

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TV showing Netflix to represent a blog about PC Culture in television and comedy with gay jokes and Jewish jokes

Gay And Jewish Jokes

“In PC culture, no one can take a joke anymore!” Oh hush, imaginary other part of this conversation. This is a frequent battle cry, but also a lazy cop-out and only scantily half-true. You can’t tell bad jokes without people being offended. We still live in an age in which stand-up and sitcoms are considered…

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Meet Megan Steron – Queer, Jewish Stories

Hey, it’s me, your friendly neighborhood short, queer Jewish lady! You might ask yourself, “How did Megan get here?” Megan’s Background I grew up in Rochester, N.Y., and spent my early days being home-schooled, getting way too excited about Shakespeare and saying “I’m definitely totally straight, but, gosh darn, is Kate Winslet pretty!”* *Or something…

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