Rabbi Jason Miller


Learning New Tech Can Help Us Connect

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has expedited our adoption of new technology and forced us to put it to use to stay connected. COVID-19 has affected...

Email Spoofing Scam Targets Rabbis and Congregants in Metro Detroit

Rabbis in Metro Detroit have reported that congregants informed them of receiving “spoofed” emails — messages that appear to be from the rabbis but in fact contain scams.

Holiday Tech Gift Guide 2019

Rabbi Jason Miller does it again with his holiday tech gift guide! From gaming to golf, to home security and safety, check out these tech gift ideas for everyone on your list!

Israel’s Watergen is Answer to Flint Water Crisis

Israeli based company Watergen has developed a product that can create clean drinking water for cities, including Flint, Michigan. Photos courtesy of Watergen Earlier this year...

This Week’s Torah Portion: Healing Broken Relationships

Parshat Korach: Numbers 16:1-18:32; I Samuel 11:14-12:22. I was recently teaching a class about the weekly Torah portion when someone mentioned the rebellion of Korach. I...

Managing a Digital Life After Death

After a loved one dies, it can be helpful to have a “digital executor” to help safely manage online accounts. A few months ago, following...