Jackie Headapohl


Epidemiologist Dr. Jeffrey Band Says, ‘Now is Not the Time to Panic’ Regarding Coronavirus

The coronavirus — or COVID-19 as it is now called — has spread from ground zero in China to 30 other countries, including South Korea, Iran, Italy and the United States. But it’s not a global pandemic yet.

Jewish Prisoners Granted Right to Meat and Dairy Kosher Meals

Jewish prisoners in Michigan won the right to eat meat and dairy kosher meals on Shabbat and some Jewish holidays, according to a court ruling issued Jan. 30 by Judge Linda Parker in the U.S. District Court Eastern District in Detroit.

Clover Hill Park Cemetery Opens Berman Shiva Center

Clover Hill Park Cemetery gets ready to open the Berman Shiva Center on the grounds of the cemetery. Photos By Rudy Thomas Shortly after Clover Hill...

‘White Supremacy is Resurgent,’ Oren Segal Says

ADL's Center on Extremism director Oren Segal discussed the rise of white nationalism in America today at the JCC. Photo courtesy of JCRC/AJC The rise of...