Rochel Burstyn


2 Metro Detroit Moms Form Facebook Group to Help Create a Fun Summer for Kids

This piece is part of a collection of stories profiling local camp alternatives for summer 2020. Read about Therapyology Camp, Camp-in-a-Box and Camp Fox. Moms...

Schmoozing about Zooming

Zoom is no replacement for face-to-face interactions, but sometimes that's exactly the point. I’ve got to say, while some of these new COVID realities aren’t...

The Effects of Social Distance

Some folks are handling it better than others. How are you coping with this social isolation? Let me guess: For introverts everywhere — heaven, loving it!...

What are Your Self-Quarantine Essentials?

Burstyn answers the question, "if you were stranded in your house for an extended social distancing quarantine, what items would you want with you?”