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Checkers or draughts on a checker board

For Openers: Are You Game?

Sy Manello Editorial Assistant Would you describe yourself as a “player”? Are you GAME to try to analyze what you are saying? Of course! That is why we are going to look at how games influence our conversations. You may find it DICE-y to invest without an analysis of the investment. It is not good…

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Many men in lines like soldiers or clones

For Openers: Department of Redundancy Department

Sy Manello Editorial Assistant We don’t usually choose to waste words. However, some bad habits have crept into our conversations and we often repeat ourselves. Have you ever recounted to someone what happened at 10 a.m. in the morning? (There is no other 10 a.m.) But you heard from a close personal friend (which a…

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For Openers – Not Music To The Ears

What is the most prominent way to distinguish a rhino from a hippo? (Come on, you know this has been a pressing question for you!) It is the horn, of course. That protuberance’s name has shaped itself into a colorful addition to our everyday talk, as may be noted in the following. Ever been really…

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Bernie (Bernard Jonas) with his children, Marc Jonas, Suezanne Winkelman and Rabbi Shmaya Jonas

A Family Man Turns 95

Remember your class trip to wherever it may have been? One memento was probably a class picture that, when unrolled, covered the table top. Imagine, if you will, such a large photo but of only one family. This is the case of most simchahs celebrated by the family of Bernard Jonas of West Bloomfield, who…

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Full Body - Front View Blue concept

For Openers: Talking From Head To Toe

You are a piece of work.” Have you ever heard this observation? Usually it is not offered as a compliment. However, if you were to consider all the body parts, you would note that they do figure prominently in our everyday conversation. Top to toe we are pieces of work. Feeling frustrated about something? No…

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keeping safe. staying alive.

Opening: Eat, Drink And …

Keeping safe is a goal to be desired. I am not referring to safety in the streets though I know that the crazies are out there and road rage is a real thing. I do not refer to gun violence though we are getting our fill of that in our everyday news. Nor do I…

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little sketchy angel and devil as friends

The Good, The Bad ….

You are faced with a choice. The stereotypical image of this decision-making is the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. You do not have to be a believer of either of these “beings” to incorporate references to them in your daily conversation. Here are some examples. If you speak vehemently for…

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chips poker casino

Bits And Pieces

Have you ever seen CHIPS? No, not the actual California Highway Patrol but the TV series. Yes, it was a long time ago and I do not know how successful the remake was. Well, that recollection got me to thinking, as almost anything will do as you faithful readers are aware. Here are some uses…

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Man jump through the gap between hill.

For Openers: Get A Move On

One of the major complaints today seems to be that we are always on the go. We act to save time; and with the time saved we race to try to do more, trying to be everywhere at once. Often, we fail. Science tells us that for every action there is an equal and opposite…

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talk with animals

Talk With Animals

More fun than a barrel of monkeys.” “Stop horsing around!” If these expressions have ever found their way into your everyday talk, then you are aware of the important influence that all creatures seem to have on our language. An eager, aggressive person may be described as a tiger. Or, if he should exhibit extreme…

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