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Julie Sundberg of Walled Lake, Deborah Slobin of Farmington Hills, Terri Stearn of Beverly Hills and Leslie Weisberg of West Bloomfield.

Le Shoppe Too: A Mecca for Mid-Century Modern

Le Shoppe Too will launch online auction house in March. By Stefani Chudnow Photos by Jerry Zolynsky Looking at its exterior, you’d never know that an internationally recognized consignment shop sits right on the cusp of Keego Harbor. While modest on the outside, Le Shoppe Too is Metro Detroit’s largest upscale mid-century modern store at…

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black and white photo of a girl in the front wearing a sweatshirt and looking sad and two girls behind her whispering with arms crossed and staring at the forward girl with discontent.

A Hot Take On Lashon Hara

Stefani Chudnow We’ve been to family dinners with loud, controversial discussions. We read comments from trolls on the Internet and replies to those comments. We hang out with friends and complain about our lives as if everything is terrible just for a moment. But what do these three activities have in common? Chances are, while…

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Honest John's building seen on a sunny clear day

Honest John’s

Midtown restaurant thrills with a unique menu and edgy décor. Stefani Chudnow Special to the Jewish News What makes a good bar? Is it the welcoming bartenders and a warm, unique environment? Or is it the creative drinks, a wide variety of draft beers and tasty appetizers to go on the side? To be honest,…

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two men and two women wearing blue shirts that say "volunteer" taking a group photo on a smart phone.

Social Media and Tikkun Olam

Stefani Chudnow I’m not here to talk in depth about how social media and the internet has changed our society in every conceivable way. We already know how prevalent social media has become in the way we communicate with one another on a daily basis and accomplish basic tasks like grocery shopping or applying for…

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Lights and lighted word "hope" in a clearing of trees at night.

Hope in Light of Sorrow

Stefani Chudnow A few months ago, I set out to write my Detroit Jewish News blog to talk about issues and topics I was directly involved or interested in. I knew I wanted to write about representation in the media as well as various facets of young Jewish life, like the Birthright trip. I’d love…

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open book and a tray with tea and flowers and a lit candle with some fairy lights around it on a blanket on a bed.

8 Tips to Take Care of Yourself After a Tragedy

These eight self-care tips will help you through a tragedy As all of you probably know, 11 members of Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill Jewish community were senselessly killed by a white supremacist this past Saturday, October 27. A few days before, yet another white supremacist fatally shot two black Americans at a Kentucky grocery store. With…

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close up of the Hogwarts Express 5972

Where’s The Jewish Representation in Harry Potter? (Part 2)

Read More Observations on Jewish Representation in Harry Potter Just in case you missed my last blog post, I began a discussion about the lack of Jewish representation in the incredibly popular Harry Potter book series. I touched on the lack of overall representation in the series, how every other holiday besides Christmas is excluded…

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Hogwarts castle from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Where’s The Jewish Representation In Harry Potter? (Part 1)

Unlike much of the world, I didn’t read the full Harry Potter series until I was in high school. I tried reading the first two books in elementary school, but I put them down until we read the first book in ninth grade English. To say that reading these books changed my life is completely…

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woman walking towards a group of people all taking her photo. Paparazzi

4 Reasons Why A Celebrity’s Jewishness Is Meaningful to Us

Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about what I feel is a universally Jewish experience. Do you ever watch a television show or movie, a sports game, a musical or something else and wonder if a specific celebrity is Jewish? The same can go for authors of books and news articles, philanthropists, wealthy personalities,…

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Poster for The Band's Visit - A New Musical with a band playing in the desert sand.

Why Tony-Winning Musical The Band’s Visit Is Just That Important

Sponsored by The Lash Lounge I first became interested in Broadway musicals when I saw Wicked in 2011. I never would have imagined that one day, the Best Musical winner at the Tony Awards would be a musical based on an Israeli movie. In 2018, this became a reality with The Band’s Visit, based on…

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