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Hogwarts castle from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Where’s The Jewish Representation In Harry Potter? (Part 1)

Unlike much of the world, I didn’t read the full Harry Potter series until I was in high school. I tried reading the first two books in elementary school, but I put them down until we read the first book in ninth grade English. To say that reading these books changed my life is completely…

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woman walking towards a group of people all taking her photo. Paparazzi

4 Reasons Why A Celebrity’s Jewishness Is Meaningful to Us

Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about what I feel is a universally Jewish experience. Do you ever watch a television show or movie, a sports game, a musical or something else and wonder if a specific celebrity is Jewish? The same can go for authors of books and news articles, philanthropists, wealthy personalities,…

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Poster for The Band's Visit - A New Musical with a band playing in the desert sand.

Why Tony-Winning Musical The Band’s Visit Is Just That Important

Sponsored by The Lash Lounge I first became interested in Broadway musicals when I saw Wicked in 2011. I never would have imagined that one day, the Best Musical winner at the Tony Awards would be a musical based on an Israeli movie. In 2018, this became a reality with The Band’s Visit, based on…

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photo of honey and honey wand to represent the high holidays Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah and asking for days off.

A Letter To Non-Jewish Teachers And Employers

For full-time jobs, holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are paid days off. These holidays provide students with a break in the year to relax before going back to the usual grind of schoolwork and studying. That said, Christmas has become so integrated into American society that it’s essentially become an American holiday. As it’s now…

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college Jewish students. students gather around a computer lap top.

4 Simple Ways For Jewish Students To Actually Enjoy College

Before high school, I always heard high school would be the best four years of my life. Before college, I was told the exact same thing. While my college years weren’t always the best, I picked up on some valuable tips that I would’ve liked to have known beforehand. 1. Utilize your college Hillel. For…

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Is Feeling Jewish The Same As Being Jewish?

I feel Jewish, so I am Jewish On my Birthright trip last month, we had to do an activity where we agreed or disagreed on various statements. One such statement was the following: “I feel Jewish, so I am Jewish.” As an introvert in a group full of outgoing personalities, I didn’t feel comfortable defending…

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Jerusalem, Israel

7 Things to Know Before Going On Birthright

As you may or may not recall from one of my previous blogs, I recently went on Birthright, a free trip to Israel for Jewish adults and young adults who meet the requirements. On my travels, I picked up on some things that I would have liked to have known before going on this trip.…

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Traveling Abroad While Jewish

Every time I’ve traveled, I’ve hesitated so that I may consider how my Jewish identity could be received in the new places I’m going, as well as how I would feel as a young Jewish individual in those foreign locations. As I’ve traveled to Europe and Israel, I’ve developed a few anecdotes about my travels…

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Stefani Chudnow hides behind an Israeli flag on a trip to Israel.

A College Grad’s Perspective On Birthright

If you’re Jewish or you’re heavily involved in the Jewish community, you probably know about this little thing called Birthright. Birthright is a free 10-day trip to Israel for anyone who’s Jewish between the ages of 18 and 32 who hasn’t been to Israel on an educational trip since turning 18 (with some restrictions). Birthright…

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In Chicago for the ACES conference.

Judaism Beyond STEM

At the moment, I’m in a state of transition. I’m not a student anymore, but I’m also not someone with a full-time job. Something that I was hoping would help this awkward transition was attending a professional conference. Little did I know that there would be a Jewish freelance editor originally from Metro Detroit among…

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