Suzanne Chessler

Suzanne Chessler’s writing-editing career has spanned many years, and her articles have been featured in secular and religious publications across the state and around the country. There was a period of time when she maintained three regular columns in three different publications – one appearing weekly to spotlight metro volunteers, another appearing weekly to profile stage enthusiasts in community theater and a third appearing bimonthly to showcase upcoming arts programs. Besides doing general reporting, she has had continuing assignments involving health, monetary subjects and crime. Her award-winning work builds on majors in English-speech and journalism earned at Wayne State University, where instructors also were writers-editors on Detroit’s daily newspapers.

Art Installation Advances ‘Plastover’ Holiday Theme

An art installation linking Passover with the environmental issue of single-use plastics will be on display March 25-April 4 outside MOCAD (Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit).

‘Welcoming Elijah’: Stray Cat Teaches Kids Kindness at Passover

In Lesléa Newman’s new children’s book, Welcoming Elijah: A Passover Tale with a Tail, the essence of hospitality extends beyond the holiday as expressed with poetic contrasts.

Temple Israel Hosts the Shalva Band on Sunday, March 14

The Shalva Band, hosted by Temple Israel as sponsored by the family of the late Stephen Gottlieb, will present American and Israeli music during a custom-recorded concert airing 4-5 p.m. Sunday, March 14.

Jake Bass’ Jazz Album Nominated for Detroit Music Awards

Jake Bass is in competition for Outstanding Modern Jazz Artist and Outstanding Jazz Composer. Composer-musician-producer Jake Bass has come up with sounds straying from...