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Survey Reveals Stigma of Mental Illness Fading; Teens Comfortable with Seeking Help

The Jewish Federation of Metro Detroit on May 20 released the results of a study that revealed that although local teens experience a higher than national average rate of anxiety and depression.

Café Hafooch: U.S. Adults and Israeli Teens Share Views in ‘Get-to-Know-You’ Program

The Michigan-Central Galilee Partnership Region participated in an intergenerational program that aims to create meaningful connections between Jewish community adults and Israeli high school students.

CES 2021: Virtual Format for Consumer Electronics Show was a Success

Tech luminaries from around the world addressed the challenges brought on by the COVID pandemic and put forward their revolutionary solutions as we face an unpredicted future.

Book Review: War of Shadows by Gershom Gorenberg

Based upon superb archival research, including evidence from recently opened secret files, War of Shadows is a well-written, insightful investigation of how the Allies won the war in the Middle East because of better intelligence.

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