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Spirit: Tikkun Olam — It’s Not Just a Jewish Concept

When we look at tikkun olam from a fresh perspective, we see that it is not so Jewish in origin, but it is so very Jewish in defining our unique purpose.

Looking Back: A UP Disaster that Mirrored Mt. Meron

The William Davidson Digital Archive of Jewish Detroit History does not hold any stories of the disaster itself, but it does have good information about Jews in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Looking Back: Specs Howard’s Legacy

The William Davidson Digital Archive of Jewish Detroit History holds a wealth of information on Julian “Jerry” Liebman and his school.

Café Hafooch: U.S. Adults and Israeli Teens Share Views in ‘Get-to-Know-You’ Program

The Michigan-Central Galilee Partnership Region participated in an intergenerational program that aims to create meaningful connections between Jewish community adults and Israeli high school students.

Looking Back: Jewish Heritage Month

Jewish American heritage is the foundation of your weekly JN. Each issue usually has a report about an aspect of Jewish history, which will eventually be added to the William Davidson Digital Archive of Detroit Jewish History.

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