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Swift Reaction to Meron Tragedy

Aviva Zacks share screenshots of some of the individuals who jumped to help others in light of the mass celebration of Lag b’Omer on Mount Meron in Israel.

Local Israelis React to Events in Their Home Country

Jewish Detroiters are trying their best to keep informed about the safety status of Israeli family and friends as Hamas bombards Israel with thousands of rocket launches. 

In Deadliest Day in Current Fighting, Israeli Barrage Kills at Least 42 in Gaza as Hamas Continues Rocket Attacks

Israel's destruction of a tower that AP journalists operated out of -- and Jerusalem said was used by Hamas -- sparked a particularly wide range of condemnation and concern, including from the Biden administration.

Netanyahu: Israel to Continue Gaza Operation Until ‘Security of our People is Restored’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday night vowed that the country’s military operation against terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip would continue until the security of Israel’s citizens had been restored.

Israel Under Attack: A Community Briefing from Federation

Throughout the conflict, the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit has remained in close contact with global partner agencies who are now working tirelessly to protect and support the many innocent victims in cities across Israel.

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