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Dr. Ron Wolfson: Temples and Synagogues Need to “Deepen Engagement”

Prior to the COVID pandemic, Dr. Ron Wolfson, Fingerhut Professor of Education at American Jewish University, said that many synagogues and temples were challenged...

Michigan Primary Winners and Losers

With a majority of the results in, here are some of the winners and losers in Oakland County and other noteworthy results for the Jewish community.

Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum Misses Its Visitors

Mounting expenses are getting harder to pay after four months of closure due to COVID-19, said owner Jeremy Yagoda. Under normal circumstances, Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum on Orchard Lake...

2 Metro Detroit Moms Form Facebook Group to Help Create a Fun Summer for Kids

This piece is part of a collection of stories profiling local camp alternatives for summer 2020. Read about Therapyology Camp, Camp-in-a-Box and Camp Fox. Moms...

Gabe Leland Confronts New Corruption Charges

Detroit’s only Jewish City Councilmember is charged with bribery and accepting improper gifts. Detroit City Councilmember Gabe Leland is facing a new round of criminal...

Must Read

Public School Plans

Here are the stated school reopening plans for several public school districts in Southeast Michigan. These plans are subject to change.  

Torah Portion: Considering Others’ Needs

Parshat Re’eh: Deuteronomy 11:26-16:17; Isaiah 54:11-55:5. In 1642, Sir Thomas Browne wrote the famous proverb “Charity begins at home.” And it does. If your own...