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What are Your Self-Quarantine Essentials?

Burstyn answers the question, "if you were stranded in your house for an extended social distancing quarantine, what items would you want with you?”

Whitmer’s Dangerous COVID-19 Exception Will Put Worshippers at Risk

By exempting “places of religious worship” from the statewide ban on large gatherings, the governor is ensuring the virus will continue to spread. Jews...

Must Read

One Man’s Exodus Echoes the Jewish Experience

One of the basic tenets in Judaism is the Exodus from Egypt. The Ten Commandments begin with the words: “I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt.” We are compelled to recall this extraordinary event in prayers like the V’ahavta and Shabbat evening Kiddush. Passover commemorates our people’s freedom from slavery after this momentous escape. This theme is familiar — especially for Salomone Castro.

LIST: Virtual Events/Learnings Happening in April

STAYING CONNECTED At this time of social distancing, the Jewish News will try to bring awareness to events/learning situations that are being offered online by...

A Note to our Readers

Dear Jewish News Subscribers, Due to the COVID19 Pandemic, Metro Detroit post offices are experiencing significant delays; newspapers may be 2-3 days late this week...