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Essay: Israeli Arabs, Jews Refuse to Be Enemies

Ever since the violence began, Arabs and Jews have been tirelessly working together, organizing peaceful protests, visiting each other, planning peace-work activities and talking...

An American in Paris: Jewish and Scared

I had believed in France despite her history, perhaps even because of it. Now I’m resigned to the idea that I should be less open about being a Jew.

Iran’s Nuclear Secrets Have Been Exposed

But President Biden has not revised his policies in response. Spies steal secrets. Sometimes, those secrets must be carefully studied and analyzed by experts to...

Essay: One Generation Departs, Another Steps Up

Nothing passes the torch of Jewish identity to the next generation better than Jewish overnight camp, for it makes being Jewish joyful and fun.

Hope Against Hope: The New Israeli Government

Naftali Bennett will serve as prime minister for the first two years, with Yair Lapid — whose centrist party earned almost three times more votes than Bennett’s — serving as alternate prime minister and foreign minister.

Can We Talk?

After watching The Story of Late Night?, a six-part series on CNN, Al Muskovitz writes about the evolution of the late-night talk show host. 

Essay: Are We Being ‘Jews of Silence’ Once Again?

Today, we are still victims of a terrible antisemitic lie, one that well-intentioned progressives who care about justice have too often swallowed.

Guest Column: Left in Silence

Cantor Michael Smolash shares a perspective with the younger constituency, many of whom have characterized Israel’s actions as criminal or worse.

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