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Essay: A Small Mitzvah

Lynn Rosenthal writes about saving a baby opossum from the side of the road. As I started my day one Sunday morning, my first instinct...

Guest Column: A Letter to the Jewish Community

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard writes the sheriff's office remains vigilant and ready to respond immediately in the event issues of concern are presented to them.

Editorial: Thank You for Your ‘Community’ Service

As Steve Ingber transitions into his role as CEO of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit, he and his family know they are making a sacrifice on behalf of the community.

Guest Column: Barack Obama and the Legacy of Iron Dome

Iron Dome — with thanks to Barack Obama — represents nothing short of a miraculous umbrella in Israel’s fight against extremist terror.

Guest Column: Israel and the United Arab Emirates

Naomi Miller writes she had the great fortune to spend a few days in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and was awed by her immersion in the cultural and cosmopolitan wonderland.

Israel Under Attack: A Community Briefing

As an Israeli citizen currently living in Detroit, Yiftah Leket has witnessed firsthand the profound concern and anxiety of this amazing Jewish community.

Essay: Israel Must Control its Destiny

The Hamas terror-state is causing violence on many fronts, fueling internal Israeli hatreds, harming us globally. The IDF response, however effective, is no substitute for strategy.

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