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Editorial: Thank You for Your ‘Community’ Service

As Steve Ingber transitions into his role as CEO of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit, he and his family know they are making a sacrifice on behalf of the community.

Guest Column: Barack Obama and the Legacy of Iron Dome

Iron Dome — with thanks to Barack Obama — represents nothing short of a miraculous umbrella in Israel’s fight against extremist terror.

Guest Column: Israel and the United Arab Emirates

Naomi Miller writes she had the great fortune to spend a few days in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and was awed by her immersion in the cultural and cosmopolitan wonderland.

Israel Under Attack: A Community Briefing

As an Israeli citizen currently living in Detroit, Yiftah Leket has witnessed firsthand the profound concern and anxiety of this amazing Jewish community.

Essay: Israel Must Control its Destiny

The Hamas terror-state is causing violence on many fronts, fueling internal Israeli hatreds, harming us globally. The IDF response, however effective, is no substitute for strategy.

Essay: The Four Absurd Criticisms of Israel’s War Conduct

Much of the media and many experts and observers have succumbed to what can be described as a complete loss of rational thinking when it came to evaluating the Israel-Hamas war.

Hot Dog Heaven

Al Muskovitz writes about a different kind of reunion he recently had — being reunited with a Costco all-beef hot dog. 

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