Intrigue is one of hte  most highly regarded bands in the Midwest and listed in the top 150 band in the U.S.  Intrigue will rock your party with their great song selections, energy, versatility and amazing talents.  All genres of music: from latest Top 40 to standards, big band, Motown, oldies, classic rock, disco, 80s, 90s, country, Hebrew, Latin, Italian, French, classical and sacred.  Packages ranging form 8 to 13 pieces, which include eight dynamic lead vocalists, rhythm and hMusic orn section, optional electric violin, emcee and DJ for afterglow.  Music for ceremony, cocktails, dinner and dancing.  Personalized service.  Follow Intrigue Band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Music By Intrigue
Stella Actis & Intrigue
1099 Fairways Blvd.
Troy, MI 48055-6100
(248) 879-2373 or
(248) 839-1625
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