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view of a stopwatch on a metal background, including copy space. ideal for websites and magazines layouts

Take Time to Make Time

The best two minutes you’ll ever spend. When I go into companies, I always notice how everyone is rushing. They’re running a hundred miles an hour. They’re working on a project and before they have to report out, they’re racing into the room saying, “Who’s gonna do what?” There’s a lack of preparation, an absence…

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Flooding in Marblehead, Mass., during Hurricane Sandy, 2012

Climate Change Report Warns We Need To Act NOW

UN Scientists Urge Acceleration Of World Actions. A major UN report issued Monday reveals a much more serious look at climate change and global warming than expected, explaining that by 2040, only 12 years from now, we could see severe changes that could include more frequent droughts and flooding, extreme heat that could cause food…

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celebrity jews movie update about Kin, The Little Stranger and Juliet, Naked.

Celebrity Jews – Movie Updates

AT THE MOVIES Opening on Friday, Aug. 31, are Kin, The Little Stranger and Juliet, Naked. Kin is a sci-fi/action crime thriller about two adopted brothers on the run. Shortly after being released from jail, Elijah (Jack Reynor), who is about 25, is forced to flee with his teen brother Jimmy (Miles Truitt). They are…

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