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The Dangers of Vaping for Teens with ADHD

Young people with ADHD are at greater risk for e-cigarette nicotine addiction. By Elizabeth Katz When Jewish teen Leah was diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) last year, she finally had a name for the debilitating anxiety, mental distraction and stomach aches she experienced daily. She said she missed a lot of school because of these…

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Jewfro: Imported from Detroit

My Metropolitan Mishpacha, It has been too long. How’s life treating you? I know — such a winter we had. You look great … and your (grand)kids are getting so big! What’s that? Don’t worry, things will get back to “normal” post-Pesach. Me? I’ve had a minivantastic adventure in Corporate America™ and would like to…

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