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Jeremy Rosenberg in Washington, D.C., at the AIPAC Israel Felllowship

Jewish@edu – Israel Fellowship

Jeremy Rosenberg } jewish@edu writer AIPAC experience enhances WSU student’s Israel advocacy. Having an open mind allows you to explore and accept ideas that you may not otherwise want to hear. Going into the AIPAC Israel Fellowship program in Washington, D.C., I knew I’d be hearing from people with plenty of different views on how…

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Dome Of The Rock Jerusalem Travel Holy City Israel

Jewish@edu – Value Of Knowledge

HMD’s Israel Fellowship offers ways to form your own opinions. On occasion, I have found myself watching an argument and observing that the foundation of the argument was a simple misunderstanding. How often has this happened in your life? As college students we find everything is about becoming the people we want to be and…

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President Donald Trump

Reactions to President Trump’s Decision to Withdraw From the Iran Nuclear Deal

FROM THE AMERICAN ISRAEL PUBLIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE (AIPAC) [This] decision is not an endpoint. Rather, it provides an important opportunity to apply further diplomatic and economic pressure on Iran in order to both prevent the regime from ever acquiring a nuclear weapons capability and to push back against its expanding regional aggression. It is our…

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Congregation B’nai Moshe Rabbi Shalom Kantor and PB & J teens at AIPAC

After The B’nai Mitzvah

PB & J Teens at B’nai Moshe continue building their Jewish identities. Today’s teens are inundated by “shoulds” — all the things they “should” be doing. These include constant academic pressure to excel, programs to build their “resume” for college and navigating the dynamics of our modern world. When do they get the opportunity to…

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MSU Hillel’s delegation to the AIPAC Policy Conference

AIPAC Conference And MSU

MSU pro-Israel students share what they learned. Upon arrival at the Walter Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C., we had little to no idea what AIPAC’s annual Policy Conference would look like. We’d been to a previous policy conference, so we understood the number of participants this conference draws each year, but there was something…

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a photo of Jerusalem, Israel to represent AIPAC

In Defense Of AIPAC — From A Liberal

I voted for Obama. Twice. I also voted for Hillary and her husband (twice). I support, financially and otherwise, Democratic candidates, and I receive daily updates from the Democratic Party. And I support AIPAC, passionately and wholeheartedly. As I see it, it’s very simple. AIPAC is indispensable to Israel’s survival. My logic is, to me,…

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