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Annabel Cohen’s Recipes: Casual Fare for the Super Bowl

The big day is nearly here. Next Sunday, Feb. 3, Americans (and the world) will indulge in watching Super Bowl LIII. When the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams kick-off, hundreds of millions will tune in to the battle that determines which team is best. Of course, we can’t watch the game on…

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Organic Homemade Smoked Turkey Dinner for Thanksgiving with Sides

Turkey Time!

These Thanksgiving recipes will make your mouth water. Thanksgiving is among the most decadent holidays of the year. It’s a no-holds-barred, fill the gut, starchy and sweet feast. Of all national holidays, Thanksgiving is defined by abundance and gratitude for all we have and are. Unlike the Pilgrims, however, many of us have more than…

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“Menu Suggestions for Holiday Meals” in the Sept. 12, 1947 issue of the JN

Looking Back At Treasured Recipes

From the DJN Foundation Davidson Digital Archive of Jewish Detroit History My good friend and fellow historian Arnie Collens told me about a recent conversation he had with his sister, Linda Schaar, who lives in Mevaseret Zion, Israel. She asked Arnie what happened to their mother’s (Dorothy Collens) prize cookbook? It seems the cookbook in…

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recipes to break the fast beautifully. Traditional bagel with red fish and soft cheese on the table closeup. horizontal view from above. Yom Kippur fast.

Break The Fast Beautifully

Yom Kippur falls on the same day every year, the 10th day of Tishrei — exactly 10 days from Rosh Hashanah — and ends a period known as the Days of Awe, the time set aside to atone for the sins of the past year. Part of the atonement process includes a 25-hour fast. While…

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Pomegranate, apple and honey, traditional food of jewish New Year celebration, Rosh Hashana. Selective focus. Copyspace background. Rosh Hashanah holiday food

A Sweet New Year

As always, Rosh Hashanah is all about “sweet.” More than any holiday, this is when we eat good food and drink sweet wine. We remember that holiday food not only celebrates the New Year, but is symbolic of our hopes for the coming year and is a wish to remove all destructive behavior from our…

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Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Oh My!

We’ve got something for everyone at your Rosh Hashanah table. Throughout Jewish history, food has been our tangible symbol for hopes and desires. The symbolic dipping of challah and apple slices into honey (and eating sweet tzimmes and honey cake) on Rosh Hashanah, for example, translates into sweetness and bounty. Heads of fish are thought…

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The Festive Meal

In a few short weeks, we open our homes for Passover and welcome family, friends, people with no place else to go — and Eliyahu. As with any holiday repast, the food during the seder — and the rest of the holiday — should be special. After all, it is called “the festive meal.” The…

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Annabel Cohen: Summertime Dining

Light and (mostly) healthy warm-weather fare. Summer on the porch — the idea is so American. We think of it with nostalgia, even if we don’t have our own memories. In my picture-perfect recollection, there is a breeze and a light summer meal — loads of fresh fruit, a leafy, crunchy and healthy salad and…

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