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Tommy Lapid expresses opposition to the proposed government budget during a Knesset debate Dec. 1, 2004.

Shinui Party Leaves Government

December 4, 2004 From the Center for Israel Education Led by Israeli television personality Tommy Lapid, Shinui,(change), won fifteen seats in the 2003 Israeli election. It became the third largest party in the Knesset. As a result of their election victory, the secular, liberal party was invited to be a part of Prime Minister Ariel…

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Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu Is Born in Tel Aviv

October 21, 1949 Benjamin Netanyahu, the ninth and current Prime Minister of Israel, is born in Tel Aviv. Although he spent a good portion of his childhood in Philadelphia, Netanyahu returned to Israel in 1967 to fulfill his service in the IDF, eventually serving in the elite Sayeret Maktal unit until 1972. Following his army…

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Dalia Itzik

Dalia Itzik Is Born

October 20, 1952 Dalia Itzik is born in Jerusalem to a family of Iraqi immigrants. Itzik received a BA from Hebrew University, a teacher’s diploma from the Efrata Teacher’s Seminary and a law degree from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliyah. After serving for five years at the chairperson of the Jerusalem Teachers Union, Dalia Itzik was…

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person riding a camel in Israel

Demographic Deceit

Fudging population numbers discredits Palestinian cause. One moment, the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, sits stunned by Arab claims that there’s population parity between Jews and Arabs west of the Jordan River. The next, such demographic saber-rattling is authoritatively rebuked. Still, the matter of demographics within the contours of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains. Demographic chicanery seems a…

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